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Me, My Girlfriend and Her Friend

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gf = F - tanned, great c cups, tight lil ass

f = E - white, tighest body ever!


Well it all started one day after school, I was to go over to my gfs house and spend the night at hers. Her parents were very liberal and allowed her to do pretty much anything she wanted to, however little did I know that her very hot friend was going to be there as well. When I arrived at the house it was clear they were having a lot of fun already as they were only wearing there t-shirts and short, shorts.

When I walked into the room, they started to laugh and when I asked them why they were laughing they simplysaid 'speak of the devil'. I took this that they were talking about some of the sexual stuff me and f had sofar done, nothing involving my dick though. My gf hadn't seen my manhood yet, until later that night!

So the night dragged on with us talking about the latest gossip and who's going out with whom and the like when suddenly E turned to me and asked can we see your dick? I was so surprised but also kinda excited at the prospect of two hot girls fixated on my erection. F protested to E but I said ok before she could finish and she clearly wanted to see it. As I was about to undo my jeans I decided to cut a deal, I said to them ill show you it if you guys make out, naked. They whispered for about a minute and then to my joy agreed.

Slowly I unzipped my jeans and took off my shirt which left me in my boxers. I told them for me to go further they would need to get topless, and they did I couldn't hide my pressing erection so I just dropped my boxers revealing my circumcised dick. E + F just stared for awhile and then started to keep theirpart of the deal and took off their shorts and thongs reavealing two beautiful pussies and asses. I was in heaven!

After they made out I was dripping with pre-cum and they turned their attention to my dick. E said to F, see I told you it would be big. Now I took this as a compliment because I don't think that 7 inches is that big but apprently it is. E was also very impressed with my cut as she said she had never seen one before and it was the same with F. After about 5 mintues of discussing it I excused myself and went to the bathroom to jack off, leaving the door unlockedon purpose so that they would catch me,sure enough they followed and came in as i was stroking my dick, E knelt down and said I wnat you to shoot right on my tits, this encourgaed F and she did the same, so I obliged and when I cummed I shot it right onto their tits and faces, E licked the cumoff of F and vice versa.This was my absolute dream come true!



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