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Me & My Cousin

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It's kind of long, keep reading.


My cousin Andrew and I had always been good friends. At all the family get-togethers, we were always hanging out. We live halfway accross the country from each other, so it was always a treat to get to spend time together.

The summer after eighth grade, our parents hatched a plan. Our birthdays were both at the end of June, about a week apart. This year, instead of going to the camp I normally go to, I would go to Andrew's camp with him. For the two and a half weeks we were at camp, our parents would take a trip around the region in Andy's parents' motor home. The camp session was over a few days before my birthday. So after camp, we would have a birthday party together. Then my parents would go home, leaving me with Andrew for the rest of the summer.

When my parents told me, I was ecstatic. I'd never gotten to spend more than a couple weeks with Andy, and there was always pressure to hang out with the other cousins, too. But this was awesome. I was so excited, I could barely get throught the last few months of school. June 7 was circled on my calendar in red ink.

After the cross-country trip, we arrived at the camp. Andrew had already arrived and secured a bunk for me right next to his. Our parents promptly departed. I couldn't believe this was hapening.

The camp I usualy went to was coed, so it was a little hard getting used to the all boys atmosphere. But not too hard, I barely even noticed anyone but Andy. At every meal, we sat together. We were partners in all the group games. It was awesome.

The camp was a little more primitive than some. There were two massive group showers for all 200 boys. On two facing walls of the 'bathrooms' were long rows of outhouse-style holes with sinks down the middle. After the first few days, almost no one including our counselors wore anything in bed or swimming in the lake.

All that to say, I got a good look at Andy's equipment, and he mine. We were about the same. Uncircumcised, three or four inches, with tiny little brown curls starting to pop up on our pubes. We never said anything, but had a few giggles when we caught each other looking.

The last three days of camp were spent camping out somewhere around camp. Our group and one other camped out in a clearing by a pond in the forest a mile or so from camp. We had a few pup tents, two guys to a tent. Any and I were naturally tent buddies. We picked a spot backing up into the woods so only the front of the tent faced the rest of the campsite with a tree in front of it. We arrived in the afternoon and played some capture the flag and swam in the lake till it was too dark to see. Then we wrapped up in towels and sat around the campfire our conselors had built to eat dinner. None of us bothered to even get dressed, and some boys didn't even care that their toweld had slipped a little, revealing their manhood, or boyhood, rather. The other group's counselor was still in his towel, too.

Showering, swimming, and going to the bathroom with the other guys all two weeks before hadn't really turned me on, just satisfyed some curiosity. But something about being in the woods around a campfire with a bunch of half naked guys was really a turn-on.

When we turned in for the night, I pulled on a clean pair of boxers. Andy just pulled off his towel and stayed naked. I turned off the flashlight and we sat on top of our covers for a while chatting. I was getting a hard-on thinking about our counselor Mike and his massive cock. I pulled out the flashlight and shone it right at Andrew's crotch, just out of curiosity.

I snickered when I saw that he had a boner, too. Then he grabbed the flashlight from me and lit up my own tented boxers. We broke out into giggles.

'Let me see yours.' Andy said. Pure ecstacy rolled over me. Somewhere in the back of my head I had always wanted to jerk off with another guy, especially Andrew. I was pretty sure it was about to happen.

'Okay, but you have to turn the flashlight off and I'll tell you when you can turn it back on.' I don't know why I came up with that. I guess I just wanted to make it a little more suspensful, more for myself than for Andy.

So I got up on my knees and stripped my boxers off. I said 'okay' and Andy flipped on the light. Even though he had been seeing my penis daily the last two weeks, he still said, 'Whoa' when he looked at it.

I sat back down on my bedroll. Andrew set the flashlight down, but it was where it still illuminated us a little. we started talking again, not even about each others' package. Pretty soon, Andy started slowly stroking his cock. He realized I could see and nervously took his hand off.

I said 'Keep going, it's cool.' and he started up again, this time a little harder. I found myself stroking my cock, too. My flashlight died and we didn't bother fishing out Andrew's.

We kept stroking and chatting there in the dark. Now the conversation turned to how often do you jack off, did you ever cum, neither of us had yet, or not enough to notice anyway, etc. All of this only served to turn me on more.

Pretty soon, I felt Andy's hand touch my thigh then feel out my penis. I took my hand off and let him have it, letting out a little groan. Then I reached for Andy's cock and he let me, too. Neither of us said a word. We sat their stroking each other like we had been doing it forever.

I felt Andy tighten his grip and start stroking harder and I returned the favor. We started groaning and squirming in pleasure. It felt so different from jerking yourself.

Soon, Andy let out a big groan and I felt something wet in my hand. 'I thought you'd never came before.' I said in suprise, Andy still stroking me.

'I hadn't.'

Then, I, too, let out a groan and felt myself release a little bit of semen.

'Whoa, you, too!' said Andy.

'It feels even better.' I said. Andy agreed.

We stayed up a while longer chatting. In the morning, I awoke to find Andy jerking off again and I quickly started, too. We petted and tickled each other on the stomach, chest, and thighs.

'I think I'm about to cum.' I said.

'Me, too.' Andy said, and then rolled over on top of me, locking his lips with mine. Then we finished each other off for the few seconds it took.

We wrapped up in towels and walked over to the pond, not caring that our still-hard cocks were tenting the towels. We had a little swim, with some grabbing and erotic wrestling. Then we dried off and sat down by the campfire where the couselors were cooking breakfast.

It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. I've got to go now, but I'll tell you the rest soon.



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