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Me & My Brother

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Me and My Brother
I always feel sorry for kids who grow up in families with hang-ups about masturbation. Mine certainly didn't have them.
It all started, for me, when I was 11 and my brother was 12. I had an old Boy Scout Handbook from the 60's, and was looking through it one day. It had a list of words in the back, and one was masturbation. I don't remember the exact wording, but it said something like "sexual self-abuse." I didn't know just what that meant, but figured it had to do with some talk I'd overheard among boys at school about "beating off," and "playing with yourself." I was curious, but didn't know how to find out more.
My brother's room was next to mine, and the walls were thin, and I began to hear strange noises from his room in the afternoons after school. I couldn't tell what they were, but began to suspect they were related to the "self abuse" cited in the Scout Handbook. I just had to know.
So one afternoon I decided to spy on my brother, and hid in his closet to try to see what he was doing. His closet had bi-fold doors, so it was easy to sit inside with the doors slightly open, and I could see his entire room. Sure enough, he soon came in, locked the door, and undressed. He lay on his bed, and I could see that he had a boner. It looked huge to me, since I was still pretty small. I know now that he was into puberty and though he had a lot of growing to do, was quite a bit bigger than me.
Anyway, he began playing with it, and soon he was rubbing up and down on his penis with his right hand, while he played with his balls with his left. He looked really intense, and was obviously enjoying what he was doing. I felt a tingling in my crotch, and got a boner watching him. I tried to re-arrange it in my pants and made a noise that my brother heard. He jumped up and flung open the door, and I could see he was really mad, but he looked funny standing there with his boner pointing out me, so he grabbed a shirt and held it over his crotch while he yelled at me. He threatened to beat the crap out of me.
Well, our father heard all the commotion, and ran upstairs to see what was going on. It wasn't hard to figure it out, since there I was cowering in the closet and my brother standing there naked except for a shirt held over his crotch, yelling like mad.
Our father got my brother calmed down, then turned to me. "You don't have a right to spy on your brother. If you want to watch him masturbate, ask him. If he says yes, fine. If he says no, then respect his right to privacy." Seeing that there was not going to be physical harm, our father then left.
I told my brother I was sorry. I just wanted to see what he was doing. Then I asked if I could watch him. He said no. I pleaded with him. "Just once so I can see?" "Let me think about it."
I left his room and went to mine. A little while later, my brother came to my room and said, "OK, I guess you can watch. Come on."
I followed him to his room. He said that if he was going to be naked in front of me, I had to get naked, too. So I stripped, and he laughed when he saw I had a boner already. He lay down on his bed and started masturbating again, and seemed to enjoy me watching him. It was neat to watch him, and again I could tell he was enjoying it. After about 5 minutes, he tensed, held his breath, and suddenly stopped stroking, just holding his penis tightly. Suddenly a little bit of white stuff dribbled out of his pee hole, then a shot that went all the way to his chest, then a couple more that went less far, until finally just a little just dribbled out. He lay still, then started breathing hard. I realized he had had his eyes closed all this time.
When he finally opened his eyes and let go of his penis, he let out a long sigh and said, "Boy, that felt good."
He reached for the paper towel on his nightstand and began cleaning up, and I was enthralled by the show I'd just seen. I asked him what it felt like. He said, "You've never done that?" I said no, and asked if he could teach me how to do it. He said sure, lie down and stroke it like I did. So I lay down and clumsily started pounding on my boner, and he said, "Wait a sec, let me show you how. You need to be more gentle." He sat cross-legged on the bed beside me, took hold of my boner, and began stroking it like he had done his. It felt good, but nothing different than when I played with it in bed. But after a few minutes, I could feel something different. It felt better, and I could feel tension building up. Then I felt like I had to pee, and before I realized what was happening, it hit me: A strong pulsing in my penis and groin, and an incredibly good feeling. My brother could feel the pulsing in my penis, and stopped, holding it firmly, as I had my first dry orgasm.
When I recovered my composure, all I could say was, "Wow, that was great!" My brother replied, "I knew you'd like that."
I got dressed and went back downstairs. When I saw my father, he asked, "Well, did he let you watch?"
I said, "Yes."
"What did you think?"
"Pretty neat."
"Did you try it?"
"You like it?"
"Yeah, it felt great."
My father thought it over for a minute, and said for me to go get my brother, that he wanted to talk to both of us. I did, and my brother came down somewhat reluctantly.
My father started out by saying that he realized he had messed up by not talking to us about masturbation before. He said he had grown up in a family where all things sexual were off limits to discussion, and he had to learn all about sex and masturbation all by himself, and he'd always promised himself that he would do a better job with his own kids. It wasn't until he stepped into my brother's room and figured out what was going on that he realized he had missed his opportunity, but he wanted to correct that now. Then he said it wasn't my fault that I had been spying on my brother. It was his fault for not giving me the information I should have had. If he had, I wouldn't have felt the need to spy on my brother.
He went on to say that masturbation was normal, and perfectly acceptable to him. He did it a lot when he was a kid, and in fact still did it often, even though he had a good sex life with our mother. This was starting to be a little more than I wanted to hear, but I kept listening, surprised to hear my father admit that he masturbated.
Then he told us how all boys do it, some more secretively than others. And that we should enjoy it. He said it was probably the most pleasurable thing we could ever do that wasn't illegal and wouldn't harm anyone, including ourselves. Masturbation was pure pleasure with no bad side effects, except perhaps if someone caught us at it who didn't understand how good it was. He told us about being caught in the act by a friend of his when he was a kid, and how that kid taunted him about it and told other people, embarrassing my dad in public. But he said he finally got over it by saying, "I bet you do it too!", at which point his taunters shut up.
Then he told us there were a lot of ways to do it, which surprised my brother and I. He said some people rub their penises on things, like laying on their pillow and humping it. In fact, that's how he did it for a long time when he was a kid, until it got messy on the pillow. It took me a second to realize what he meant, thinking back on the white stuff my brother squirted all over himself. We both giggled at that. Our father said we should try it that way. He told us other ways, and that he especially liked using lubrication. I think we both looked confused, and he explained that it felt good to squirt slippery lotion on your penis and masturbate that way, and that he'd let us use some of his to see how it feels. He also said some people like to stick things like their fingers in their butts, as that felt good, too. My brother squirmed at that, and my father said, "from the way you are squirming, I bet you've tried that." My brother looked embarrassed, but admitted he had, and liked it. My father assured him that was OK, but to be very careful about what to put in there, because it is easy to do damage.
We must have talked about it for an hour, and it was a lot for me to take in, and I think also for my brother.
When we went to bed, I was in my brother's room talking about it when our father came in and handed us a big tube of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. "Here, try this. If you like it, keep it, and I'll get myself another one." Then we went to bed.
After about 15 minutes of thinking about it, I tiptoed to my brother's room to find him still awake. "Wanna try that lotion?" I asked? "OK." I took it from my brother's dresser, and we both stripped and lay down on his bed. We took turns lubing up, and started to jack off. Our father had been right, that felt really good. And that was my first self-induced orgasm. After that I went to bed, very tired.
The next morning our father asked if we'd tried the lube last night. It felt funny talking about stuff like that out in the open, but I said yes, and that it was really good. All he said was, "I'm glad."
From then on, my brother and I made no effort to hide our masturbation from each other. We frequently did it together, and I found that he did it at least once a day, and so did I. It was great fun.
A couple of months later, our father took us camping to a remote place we went to each year for a week. The first day, my brother and I packed up our fishing gear and went down through the woods to go fishing at the lake. We always loved that place, because we never saw anyone else there. When I opened the tackle box, I found the tube of lotion our father had given us (the first one ran out, so he bought us more). I looked at my brother, and he gave me a sheepish grin and said, "I thought we might have some fun while we were here."
We fished for an hour or so, but caught nothing. My brother asked if I wanted to do something different. I asked what, and he looked at the tackle box. I quickly agreed. There was a nice grassy bank in the sun, so we went there, and he told me to take off my shorts and lay on my back. I did (shorts were all that we were wearing). He said, "I'll do you first, then you do me." He got between my legs, and played with my penis till I was hard, then squirted some of the lotion on, and began a slow, soft stroking. It felt great laying naked in the sun with my penis being stroked. After a little while, my brother stopped for a second and squirted some lotion on his other hand, then resumed stroking me slowly. Suddenly I felt his finger at my butt hole, rubbing around it. That felt good. Over the period of a few minutes he slowly stuck his finger in, which felt even better. He started to push it in and out in time with his hand on my penis, and I lost it. I had the best, strongest, orgasm I'd ever had. It felt so good with his finger inside me as I came. Still a dry orgasm, but very strong.
We rested for a bit, and he slowly slipped his finger out of my butt. Then we switched places, and I repeated what he'd done to me. It felt really weird to stick my finger up his butt, but it was neat. As he started to come, I could feel his butt clamping down on my finger, and he shot all over himself. From the looks of it, he had a very strong orgasm, too.
We washed up and went back to the tent. As we approached, we could hear telltale sounds from inside. My brother whispered, "Shhh. Dad's doing it!" We just sat down listening to the rhythmic noises of our father masturbating, then a couple of grunts, and the sound of him cleaning up. After a bit he came out of the tent, saw us and our smiles, and realized he'd been caught in the act. "Well, you're not the only ones allowed to have fun around here," he said. Seeing our surprised looks, he added, "Yeah, I went down to the lake and saw you guys having fun, so I came back up to have some fun of my own. We all got a good chuckle out of that.
That night we stayed up and talked around the fire, and hit the sack kinda late. I was almost asleep when I heard some rustling on my father's side of the tent, and a gentle rythmic sound that I knew was him jacking off again. I got an instant boner, and nudged my brother to see if he was still awake. He was, and motioned that we should join in. So we both pulled down our covers, lowered our boxers, and started masturbating, too. Our father noticed pretty quickly, and said, "Here, want some of this?" and handed over his tube of lotion. I took it and lubed up, and so did my brother. So there we were, all three of us laying there happily masturbating together. It was great fun.
My brother and I did it together down by the lake every day, even one day when our father came. After we finished, he did it to himself, and we shared our lube.
There was a lot of masturbating going on that week!
We never did it with our father except on camping trips, but my brother and I did it together for several years, until he moved away. He eventually got married, and we agreed we'd make sure if we had any sons we'd teach them early, and make sure they enjoyed themselves. We still do it together when we get together, which unfortunately isn't as often as I'd like.



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