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Me? I Would Never Have Believed It

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Two totally 'unlike me' things happened.


When I was 17, I was totally sexually inexperienced, apart from masturbation which, I must admit, I love.

(First real full-on cum at 14.)

I was walking home from college with a boy I will call Chris. He was in my year and we were good friends. Not bf/gf, just friends. The walk is beautiful in the summer and is about three miles through some truly lovely countryside.

We were just chatting about this and that but as we walked I knew I should have gone to the bathroom before we left college. I figured I would be ok, but the feeling just kept coming. In the end, by about half way, I knew there was no way I was going to make it home so I said 'Chris, I am really sorry about this, but I have to pee.' Chris was a total gentleman and said 'Uh, ok. I'll just keep walking on slowly.' Even now, I have no idea why I said what I said next. 'You can watch me if you like!' I guess I kinda blurted it out a bit and I know it shocked us both. Chris gave a very nervous little laugh and for a moment I thought I had just screwed a really good friendship. Instead, he said 'Umm. OK. That would be cool.' I looked around for some cover, but as we were on a country road, there were only fields on either side of us so it would have to be in there. As we climbed the fence and walked into the long grass, I already knew we had left it a little late. Chris gave a chuckle and I asked him what was so funny. When I looked at him, he was BRIGHT red! He said 'It's been a fantasy of mine for some time to watch a girl pee. Actually... uh...I like the idea of a girl wetting her panties. Look, Rachael, I better tell you, I may get turned on with this.'

I had already let a little go into my panties and I guess the devil took hold of me. I lifted my skirt up around my waist and Chris was staring at my pale green cotton bikinis. Then I just squatted down facing Chris with my knees apart. I knew he could see the wet spot that was already there and I took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed. I let myself pee into my panties real slow at first, but soon I couldn't hold it any more and just let it all go. I felt the warmth and the wetness spread, but most of all I saw Chris's pants tent up by a very impressive hard on. His eyes were like saucers!

When I finished, I stayed where I was and said 'I think you better take care of that.' He said (bless) 'Rachael, are you sure. I could do it at home.' I said 'Chris, I want to see you cum.' He took his lovely long cock out and I knelt up on the ground and I asked him to come closer to me. As he jacked off, his cock brushed my panties and at each touch, he shivered. I knew what to do. I put my hands around his waist and said 'Chris, put it between my legs.' I knew he would feel my wet panties on his cock and I would feel the pressure on my clit. I figured win win. So he held my waist and I held his and he slipped his cock between my legs. Ohhh it was sooo horny! He dry fucked me, (ok, well, I was way too wet to call it that) With each push I felt the wet material against me and I knew he loved the feeling of my wetness on him. I took his hand and put it up my t shirt and onto my breasts. Then I said 'Chris, I could pee some more.' The look in his eyes said it all and I let more go. That was enough for him and I felt him cumming. My own orgasm took a little longer so Chris fingered me off, wet panties and all.

Afterwards, I slipped them off and left them in the field.

We talked on the way home and he told me he had once seen his sister pee herself and it made him hard. I told him I had never in a million years thought about peeing as a sexual activity, but that now, well, I could hardly deny it was horny as all hell.

Then I asked him if I could watch him pee? He said 'Sure. I can hardly say no now can I?' so we found ourselves another little semi private spot and knelt in the grass again. I asked if I could hold it for him and he agreed. Now, I lifted my skirt up again and aimed his flow right on my clit and got the most amazing cum!

Chris and I? Well, take a wild guess!!! We have been married now for two years. That day we discovered the same thing about each other and that is that neither of us are as shy as we thought we were! We also found that the peeing was ok, but just something to do now and then. What REALLY floats our boat was doing it outdoors. We often masturbate each other in public places, we have fucked outdoors more times than we have indoors I think!

We have also put ourselves in a position that others could see us.

Chris did one more thing for me and this was only last week. I have always been reticent about anything anal. But I learned that this was only because I had been brought up to think of it as 'dirty'. Chris fingered my ass one day. And I mean deeply VERY deeply. I had let him put his finger there to please him, but as he got into it I realised I was going to cum. So one finger became two and then a lovely orgasm.

Next? Well, the 'next' has already happened. About six months ago, I had an accident that put me out of action for three months. I really wanted to do sexy things for him but it was really impossible. (F...... plaster casts!) So, I, (my god, what a slut I have become) talked to a friend of mine who is, I know, somewhat liberal in her sexual attitudes. I got her to jack Chris off while I watched and then got him to finger her off. I lay in my bed, arms in traction and could actually feel myself creaming the bed up. When I saw Jessica cum on his fingers, I had an orgasm without even touching myself. How cool is THAT.

I love him to bits and would do anything he asked me. We have had the most wonderful journey together that started off in the most unexpected way.



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