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Me and Tommy

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The first time I squirted.


I lived next door to a kid named Tommy from the time I was ten until I was eighteen. Tommy was five years younger than I. His mom liked to go out a lot and she would get me to babysit Tommy while she was, as she said, 'Doing her thing.' She was really cool.

Anyhow, they had a swimming pool and Tommy and I spent most of our summers in speedos hanging out at his house playing.

About the time I turned thirteen, puberty was starting to kick in big time and I was growing some hair under my arms (which I was really proud of) and an ever expanding crop of little sprouts around my cock and balls.

It seemed like I was horny all the time and I started to get these raging hardons for no reason. I would get them in class and on the bus ride home just from the vibrations of the engine. I didn't know what to do with or about them. I had played with myself a little since I was about nine but it never really did anything for me other than make me sore and frustrated.

Now, my dick was getting hard for no reason other than to just say hello and let me know it needed attention.

One summer night when I was about to turn fourteen, Tommy's mom asked me to watch him while she was out. Tommy and I were playing in the pool, you know, kinda like dunking each other and horsing around and stuff and I got really hard. Then I got this overwhelming urge to rub my dick against him. I playfully pinned Tommy up against the side of the pool and started humping my desperate dick on his leg. He quickly turned around and pushed me away from him.

Just as I was getting ready to apologize, he reached forward and began rubbing my crotch. I let out a gasp and he knew it was making me feel good.

To my surprise, he said we should go up to his room because, 'This is fun,' and we should, 'keep playing this game.'

So we hurried into the house, playing grab-ass along the way. When we got to his room, he sat down on his bed and stripped off quickly. Tommy's three-incher was standing at attention and twitching. I had seen his thing before but never hard. When it's stiff, it has a shiny purple tip that's shaped like a bell. His balls seemed large for his age in their tight wrinkley sack.

I was so horny, my head was spinning. I pleaded with Tommy. 'Touch me again, please?' He smiled and said, 'OK' and started to rub my now-almost-bursting five-incher.

I started panting and moaning as I quickly ripped off my suit to expose my rock hard throbbing pecker. Tommy sensed how badly I needed it. He took hold of my dick again and I whimpered, 'Yes, oh yes, squeeze it! Oh yes, oh please, pull on it! Oh yes, please, don't stop!'

I begged him not to stop; It felt so damned good. I was breathing really heavy and getting light-headed. My adolescent body started shaking and my hips began thrusting wildly in response to Tommy's pulling. I let out boyish grunts as my first gut-wrenching climax coursed through my innocent virgin body. Thin sprays of watery whitish semen began shooting from my little prick as we both watched in amazement. A few seconds later, I drew away from him because I couldn't stand the sensations anymore.

That was the most intense thing I had ever felt. I'll never forget my first orgasm.

What about Tommy you might ask? Did he get his? Well, yes and many times over as we grew up together, but I'll save that for more posts.

Happy wanking to all! Hope you enjoyed it!



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