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Me and the Outcast

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Absolutely true account of an unbelievably drool-worthy gay high school kid


Throughout school years, some kids drift in and out of your life so quickly. Either unstable homes or the families move a lot. Trey was one of those guys, almost here today and gone tomorrow. I still don't know how much older than me he was, I never asked. But he wasn't in my class/year.

I first noticed him walking in the cafeteria one day, wearing an ear-ring and maybe some eyeliner. None of that was accepted behavior at my suburban school, but all I knew was, this guy is smokin' hot. His skin was tight, smooth and had those slightly ruddy red cheeks. His eyes were piercing, and his dirty blonde hair was straight and slightly unkept. To see him today, you'd think he walked off a NY runway. Tall and thin to medium build, and as I was to soon learn, gay.

I heard a couple hoots at him as he emptied his trash, and someone hollered the f****t word at him. He just kept walking, and I felt sorry for him. And although I'd been attracted to guys before, as I was discovering, this was by far my strongest attraction.

Fate apparently intervened, because at mid-semester we got new class assignments and I landed in the cafeteria for study hall. The tables were long, with kids on both sides, and monitors who kept telling us to get quiet. Directly across from me diagonally at the table was Trey. He never brought any books and just seemed to look bored with everything. I struck up a conversation one day, and over the weeks gained his trust, as I talked to him like a normal person and didn't judge his appearance.

One day while walking across the field to go home, Trey jogged up behind me and said 'hey, man.' He was headed my direction, and asked if I wanted to come over and play some video games. He didn't have to ask twice. We arrived at his house, and he said his mom worked til 6. He had older brothers, but they didn't live there. The place was more cluttered than my house, but not the rat's nest I may have expected.

'Come on in here while I change,' he motioned toward his room. Next thing I know, Trey had pulled off his shirt and jeans and was standing in a pair of silk briefs and white socks. He was utterly gorgeous, and he saw me looking intently at the sight before me. 'You know I'm gay, don't you?' he asked, matter of factly. 'I figured gay or bi-,' I replied, 'but that's okay with me. I've sometimes wondered what I am, myself.' 'You mean you're attracted to guys, too,' Trey asked. 'If they're really cute, sometimes, yeah,' I replied, a little hesitantly.

'Are you attracted to me?' he asked. I dropped my head, and smiled, 'Yeah, pretty much.' At that, he sat down next to me, put his arm around me and kissed me. We both fell back on the bed, and I ran my hand down his chest to the bulging outline of a dick in those briefs. Trey began unbuttoning my shirt and ran his hand over my chest. 'You wanna take these off?' he said, pointing to my pants. I stood up and was undressed in a flash. Then Trey slid his briefs off.

I had never, ever done anything with a guy, and very little with girls up to that point. But Trey seemed to know what he was doing. He teased my neck by licking and pretending he was a vampire. I'd laugh, as the waves of pleasure surged thru my body. We were all over each other, like ravenous horndogs. He took hold of my boner and massaged it like an expert. Then he got right in front of it so my cum would hit him in the face, which it did! We were both kind of moaning 'mmmmmmmm' while I was spurting.

Then I reached for his dick, which was thinner than mine, but long and straight. He gasped the second I touched it, and made some sort of groaning noise continually until he sprayed his stomach about a minute later. 'Wow, that was intense,' he finally said, grinning.

Trey later said he felt comfortable with me, since I never treated him differently. We didn't hang out much, but did hook up for some more jackoff fun about three other times. He moved at the end of the school year, and I never saw him after that, but I'll never forget making out with perhaps the hottest guy I've ever come in contact with. I'd love to reconnect with Trey today, or at least know what he's up to.



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