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Me and Roxy

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Ok, I was going to go over to my friend Roxy's house. We have been friends for a long time now and were going to do some homework together. Her parents weren't home at the time, so we went to her room and started to chat before we did our home work.

She asked me, 'Do you masterbate?'

And I said shyly, 'Yeah.'

She answered, 'Cool, so do I.'

She walked over to her computer, went onto the internet and started to look at pictures of naked women. She asked me if I thought it was weird that she did that.

I said, 'No, I do sometimes to get me into the mood.' She smiled and we continued to chat about out masturbation lives.

Pretty soon she asked me, 'Are you wet?'

I answered, 'Yeah...' with a shy look.

She said, 'Oh my gosh, so am I!' She realized that I was embarrassed and said 'Britt, you have nothing to hide. It's ok.' For some reason after that, I felt open about it and she made me more comfortable.

She sat next to me on her bed and asked me if I had ever kissed a girl and I said, 'No.' She leaned closer and kissed me. It was a shock actually, but it was oh, so nice. Her lips locked onto mine and she was moving her warm tonge in my mouth. With a reflex, I put my hands on her; one on her leg close to her groin and the other just above her chest.

She pulled away and said, 'It's ok, Britt, you can touch.' I slowly moved my hand down her shirt and under her bra. I felt her breasts and her hard nipples.

I didn't even realize that mine were hard and I had a hand up my shirt as we continued to make out. She took off my shirt and I took off hers. I unbuckled my belt and she took off my pants. I helped her with hers and smiled, standing there in my bra and soaked panties. She sat me on her bed and removed my bra. Then, she sucked on my nipples which made me moan. She put her hands down my panties and felt my hot pussy. I felt a tingly sensation and let her feel me. I grabbed her boob and soon had her on the bed and was sucking on her breasts.

She flipped over on top of me and we started to hump each other. She lowered herself down to my pussy and removed my panties and pulled out of her bed side table, a small finger dildo. She turned it on and then placed it on my mound. I moaned with pleasure. She moved it down to my pussy and stuck it in me. She moved it in and out, in and out, at first slowly and then faster. I went into an explosive orgasm before I knew it. I was moaning and shrieking her name, 'Roxy, Roxy, more, more.' I was bucking my hips and couldn't stop myself.

Once I calmed down, I kissed her and said, 'Now it's my turn. As I turned her over, she was lying on her back licking my juices from the dildo. She handed it to me when she was done and I began to massage her lips and mound. I stuck two fingers into her and wiggled them around. She moaned with pleasure. Her glistening pussy dripped warm juices. I leaned in and said, 'I love the smell of a virgin pussy,'

and licked her clean.

I humped her again and we both moaned. I turned on the dildo and placed it in her cunt. She moaned my name, 'Britt, more, more please, Britt...'

She writhed with pleasure and she went into a long orgasm. I licked the dildo when she was done and placed myself on top of her. I humped her again until we both had another orgasm, but this time, less intense. I went down and sucked on her clit sending her into another beautiful orgasm.

She did the same to me and by then I was worn out; We had been at it for almost an hour. She went down and licked my still red dripping pussy. She gave me my juices and then we lay there for awhile breathing deeply. I said to her, 'That was amazing!'

And she replied, 'Yeah, you're so hotttt!' She got on top of me and placed her pussy right in front of my face and I licked it clean for her swallowing every last drop of her juices. We felt each other for a while and then lie there in exhaustion.

After that, we got dressed and started our home work. We, then, planned a next-get-together at my house.... until next time.



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