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Me and Ralph

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I remember this like it was yesterday!


This happened many years ago when I was fourteen, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summer day, and I was out riding my bike. As I rounded a corner I encountered Ralphie, a kid I knew through friends, although he attended a different school than me. I stopped and we chatted for a while, and I flashed on the fact that a pal of mine told me he had had a jackoff session with Ralphie, and I immediately became hot and bothered, thinking that maybe Ralph might have similar plans for me.

Then my dick took a big leap when he invited me to his house, which was right down the block, and he mentioned that both of his parents were away at work. When we got there, he invited me to sit down on the living room sofa, and he sat to my left. By this time I had a full hardon, as he began to talk suggestively about my jacking off habits, and he was eyeing the obvious bulge in my pants. He then asked if it was okay to touch my cock through my pants, and I said that would be fine with me. He stroked it lightly for a while, then asked if I'd show it to him. When I said yes, he pulled down the zipper on my pants, and I pulled it out through the open fly. It was fully erect, and the head was purple and shiny.

Ralph immediately grabbed the shaft and started slowly stroking it up and down. I thought I was going to pass out from the sensation. Understand, this was the first time in my life that anyone other than me had touched it! I couldn't believe how much greater it felt with someone else stroking it than when I did it myself. He stroked it in that manner for a good ten minutes, and then asked if I wanted to pull down my pants. I dropped my pants and undershorts to my ankles at once, and my aching cock and balls felt great to be released from the confines of my clothing and to feel the surrounding cool air on them.

Ralph immediately resumed his stroking, and big globs of precum were now leaking down the head of my cock. Normally I would have scooped up the precum with a finger and put it in my mouth, but I was afraid to do that in front of Ralphie. By this time, he could see that I was incredibly aroused, and would be cumming soon. He said, let's go into my bedroom and continue, which we did. I didn't even pull my pants up, but shimmied across the living room to his bedroom with my pants down around my ankles. When we got there, I laid down on his bed, and Ralph resumed his jacking of my swollen cock. I knew I was real close to cumming, so I pulled my shirt up to my chin, so that I could shoot on to my chest. It was only a few minutes that Ralphie increased his jacking speed, and I began to gush out cum.

Now, whenever I jacked off by myself while lying down, I usually shot initially up to about my nipples, with the remainder pooling on my stomach. In this case, imagine my surprise when the first shot went right over my head, and the next few gushes landed on my face and neck! I had never blown a wad like that, and it just shows you how feverishly excited I was. Ralph left the room, and came back with a box of tissues, and I began to clean myself up. I felt really embarrassed at what we had done, and left after we exchanged just a few words. Over all these years, I remember this situation vividly, and frequently think of it when I jack off. The thing I regret most is that I didn't return the favor for Ralphie. I should have. If he gave me that incredible pleasure that I recall so intensely after forty years, the least I could have done would have been to stroke his cock until he shot his wad. I'm sure he must have jacked himself off as soon as I left.



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