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Me And 'Pete'

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This is my first real mutual masturbation experience, I hope you enjoy it!


I am 15, male and heterosexual. I'll call myself 'James'. My friend, also 15, male and heterosexual, I'll call 'Pete'. We're both from the UK, so some 'terms' may be unfamiliar to many readers. I'm writing about something which happened yesterday, which I never expected would.
As I stated above, I'm not homosexual or even bisexual. However, after reading people's experiences on this site, the thought of masturbating with one of my peers became (and still is!) very attractive to me. I'm not talking about blowjobs or even tossing them off, I just mean to be in the same room as, near to, to have full view of and be in full view of my friend 'Pete'.
Anyway, more background information. I have an attic bedroom, with two beds. One in which I sleep, and one in which visitors and friends can sleep if they're stopping over. The spare bed is totally out of sight of my bed, but someone on or in it can still see my TV, as can I from my bed. On numerous occasions, me and 'Pete' have watched 'Erotic Thrillers' on Channel 5 late on Friday and Saturday nights. Basically, they're films with pathetic storylines, but generally involve some form of un-faithfulness. Normally, it's one married guy shagging numerous other women. However, the only sexual parts of the body shown are the woman's breasts, or sometimes a front-on view of her naked with her legs closed. Anyway, on a couple of occasions we have been really horny, and 'Pete' has retreated to the spare bed to have a wank. I have attempted to subtly persuade him not to move, but to go at it while sitting on the same bed. This has happened a few times, but always with me and 'Pete' covering ourselves up with duvets or blankets. Admittedly, I found this amazing, but I still wanted more.
Naturally, being 15 and male, 'Pete' and I are very horny. I often 'retrieve' more 'hardcore' porn to my PC, particularly that starring Jenna Jameson. 'Pete's PC is in his sitting room, so he cannot very easily beat off to videos and images on it. My PC, however, is in a very small, private room, which has made it easy for me enjoy endless hours of masturbation to either porn or this site. 'Pete' is therefore very eager to watch porn when he is at my house, something which I have always been very eager to take advantage of. Anyway, today is Thursday. On Tuesday, 'Pete' and I went to a guitar shop, I needed some new strings, a lead and some picks, while he just went to play some posh guitars! We then went back to my house, and watched a bit of porn on my PC. It ended up with 'Pete' staying at my house on Tuesday night. We put some videos on CD so that we could watch them on the old, slow and decrepit PC in my attic bedroom. We watched them at around midnight and both got incredibly horny. As it is summer, we couldn't really hide under duvets or blankets because it's simply too hot, so 'Pete' once again retreated to the spare bed, so we both had a wank out of sight of each other. After that, we had the standard conversation about girls etc, then ended up falling asleep about 2AM.
I thought that would be all that would happen. However, next day (Wednesday), we decided we'd go to the cinema. We turned on my PC and went to the cinema's website to check the times of numerous films. After deciding that we'd go and see one that started in about 2 hours time, we browsed around a bit, then got back onto porn. Luckily, my parents were out.
I asked him which video he'd like to watch, and he requested a Jenna Jameson one with Brittany Andrews in a restaurant 'bathroom'. We watched it, got very horny and in need of jerking so we were doing anything with ours hands we could to keep them occupied and away from our dicks. However, we both soon realised that we couldn't not masturbate, and off I went to fetch some tissues. 'Pete' reluctantly took a couple and then I asked the inevitable question;
'How are we going to do this?',
He replied 'I dunno, we could do it back-to-back I suppose',
'Do you think that would work?',
'Probably not, we wouldn't be able to see the screen',
'Yeah, it wouldn't work',
'I don't think we've got a choice, do you?',
'No, it just seems a bit gay, that's all',
'I know what you mean, but then, we know we're not gay',
'Yeah, that's true' said 'Pete' in a slightly happier voice,
'OK then',
'On the count of three?' I said,
'Pete' replied with a nod.
I pulled out my (now furiously throbbing) uncircumcised 6'1/2-7' cock, and looked round to check that mine wasn't the only one out. To my relief, 'Pete' was sat there with his hand round his dick, looking a bit shaken, but nevertheless relieved. 'OK', we both said, and, while watching another Jenna video, started pumping away. I was amazed - his dick was almost identical to mine! As far as I could see, they were the same length and width, his also un-cut. The only difference was that he didn't seem able to pull his foreskin down even close to the bottom of the head of his dick, while mine gets wrenched well below it.
It didn't take him very long - before I knew it he was spurting drops of come with an 'Oh shit!'. He grabbed a couple of tissues and wrapped them round the head of his knob, as did I at almost the same time. Both sets of tissues were completely saturated with our come, and we both quickly flushed them down the toilet at the first chance we got. When we had finished, we just sat there, feeling slightly weird. I said 'Well, that doesn't make me feel slightly homophobic' in the most sarcastic voice I could manage. He just replied with a sheepish grin. It left me wondering how he felt.
We went to the cinema, and the rest of the day he was fine, almost 'closer' to me than he had been previously. I was worried that the experience would leave him scared and unsure of himself. However, I have shown him this site in the past, and we have read experiences similar to this, so I think he knows that it's not really all that weird. Hopefully, we'll have a similar experience again, and hopefully with less worry and confusion. I won't be seeing 'Pete' for over a week now, as I'm going on holiday, but when I get back, he'll still be at home, and I'm sure we'll manage another, if not more, interesting session.



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