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Me and My Sailor Man

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I hope this makes you as horny as it did me writing it!


Im sitting here, naked and hard, stroking my horny, six and a half inch uncut cock as I'm writing this. This story is SO hot!

My buddy, I'll call him Kyle, and I have been friends since we were 13 and used to jerk off together. As we got older, we continued to jerk off together, amongst other things, which I can't mention on here. But I had fallen in love with Kyle's awesome body. His dark hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, 29-inch waist, moderate body hair, and beautiful seven and a half inch cock. I wasn't 100% positive if I was gay or not, but seeing Kyles body sure made me swing that way!

When we graduated at high school last year, Kyle informed me that he was going to join the Navy. Well, I was tremendously disappointed. Kyle and I had made plans to go to college together. But after viewing his SAT scores, Kyle decided college wasn't for him. So, he enlisted in the Navy! Well, we had a tearful goodbye and a special night together before Kyle left for basic camp. He promised he'd be back. I went on to college in the fall. Kyle and I wrote several letters back and forth to each other. His letter always said, 'See you soon!'

One Friday, not too long into the semester, I got up and went to classes, as I usually did. My roommate, Jeff, informed me that morning that he was going home for the weekend. That meant I could lay around naked all weekend and jerk off as much as I wanted. I was VERY happy! I had four classes that day, American History 101, English 101, Math 101 and Education 101. I wouldn't be back to the room before 4:00pm that afternoon. All I had on my mind was going back to the room, getting naked and popping a great, big load! I was in for a HUGE surprise.

When I arrived at the dorm, I went to the room. I put the key in the door and opened it. Lying on my bed, in nothing but his sailor hat, white boxers and white socks, was Kyle. I nearly had a heart attack! I had missed him and his gorgeous body! I threw my books on my desk and jumped on top of him. We immediately started kissing hornily! It was great! He explained that he'd got leave and decided to come and see me. The RA told him that Jeff was gone for the weekend. So, Kyle decided to surprise me! I couldn't be happier!

We started to really get into kissing and Kyle helped me undress. Soon I was in my boxers too. Kyle grabbed my cock and pulled us together on the bed. Our boners rubbed against each other. I was getting hornier by the second. Suddenly, Kyle jumped up and took off his boxers, then pulled mine off as well. Still in the white socks and sailor cap, he got on his knees between my spread legs. He started by rubbing his hard, naked cock against my thighs, rubbing up and down! The feeling was awesome! I was about to cum already! He smiled down at me as he grabbed both our cocks in his hands and started to stroke both of us at the same time. I nearly lost my mind! He kept humping his hips and both our slippery cocks slid through his fists! I thrust my cock up into his fist! The feeling was indescribable! My breathing increased. He humped and pumped faster and faster. My breathing became faster and faster! I knew I was about to cum! I was moaning! He was moaning! Suddenly, my hips rose up off the bed and I started to spew cum all over Kyle's chest and stomach. I guess it triggered Kyle, because be started to buck his hips, grunt, and spew cum all over me! The feeling was incredible. Kyle collapsed on top of me and we hugged and kissed for a while.

We spent the rest of the weekend masturbating over and over and over again, along with other things. Well, use your imagination! A few months later, I went out to San Diego to see Kyle on another of his leaves. That's another story!

Hope You enjoyed my story. I told you I was hot! I've got to go and finish jerking. I'm about to cum! OH YEAH!



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