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Me and My Pregnant Sister

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This is a story between me and my pregnant sister. Yes you heard right my pregnant sister. We have no qualms with what we do and love each other very much.


I recently lost my job and went through a breakup with my live-in boyfriend and needed a place to stay for a while. My sister offered to take me in as she has a spare room that is not being used.

At first I thought myself to be a burden, but she kept telling me she was fine with it, that we were family and family is all you have (in our Asian culture this is a very strong belief).

Anyway my older sister recently became pregnant (she was three months when I moved in). Her husband isn't around much as he just got a new job that requires a lot of travelling and believes having me around the house to be a welcome change instead of being alone all the time.

A couple weeks after I had moved in I was helping my sister make her bed. We were stripping the bed of her sheets and I saw they had a rubber protection sheet on their mattress, I looked at her with a funny look on my face and she just smiled and told me that since she has been pregnant she has been having bladder problems and needs the sheets from ruining the mattress.

A few more days pass and nearly every night I hear my sister having what seems to be really bad nightmares, at least that's what she told me was what I heard coming from her room. Well one of the nights that she was having a really bad nightmare I was walking to the bathroom and I decided to stop on in on my sister to check up on her and make sure she was ok.

I slowly pushed the door open and peeked in. I nearly fell over from what I saw.

My pregnant older sister was on her hands and knees, pyjama pants around her ankles, ass up in the air facing the door and a long, thick (it's roughly 8.5 inches long and pretty thick) and slicked up dildo sliding into her ass. Her hand was furiously rubbing her pussy.

My first reaction was to leave, but I couldn't seem to tear myself away from the sight of my sister impaling herself with this large dildo. She was slowly inserting the rubber cock in, about three inches or so and pulling it out to almost the tip making her asshole crown out over and over. All the while moaning real loud as it went in. At this point I slipped my hand down my panties and massaged my sopping wet pussy.

A few more minutes of my sister ramming that large cock into her ass and then she started rubbing her pussy real hard then I saw the most amazing thing, she pushed back on the dildo and I saw her butt hole just open up and, what looked to me, like it swallowed the full 8.5 inches! She had jammed the whole thing into her asshole and let out this loud guttural grunt (what I have been hearing for the past few nights). Then it happened she came hard, she rubbed her pussy at a furious pace then started to spasm as she came she let out some more muffled grunts into her pillow and let go a torrent of pee all over the bed! I came shortly after I watched her collapse to her side and slip the massive protruding dildo out of her ass.

The next day after I returned from work I immediately checked the house to see where my sister was. She was supposed to be at her pregnancy yoga class. I ran upstairs to her room and searched all over, I found the dildo in a tupperware in her nightstand. There it was, still covered in lube; apparently she hadn't cleaned it yet. I looked at the thing in disbelief it was really big. I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my skirt, instantly my hand found my pussy. Just looking at this rubber cock that was inside my sister's ass was making me horny as hell. Just as I was cumming, in comes my sister right into the room.

My face inches away from her love toy, my hand up my skirt, and two fingers deep into my cunt. I could go on about the long boring details of our talk we had after that, but that is irrelevant.

Just know that in the past couple of weeks we have had great nights playing with ourselves and 'exploring' every inch of our bodies. Hands, tongues AND toys.

More stories of our exploits to come soon...



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