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Me and My Nubby

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I love this site, I read it almost every day, and decided it is time to share my own story. I am 44 years old and have been masturbating since I was 10. I started by using my fingers, and that was fine for a while, but before long I was looking for more stimulation. I tried many things as a young adult from riding a pillow corner to the electric tooth brush and squiggle pens things, and all were very good to me, but as I got older I was always seeking more and new experiences. I have a very adventurous nature, and when I got married I expected to have a wild sex life.
It was not to be so, however, since my husband was totally inhibited and not interested in much sexually. (He has moved on now.) But while we were still married I was so sexually frustrated I was going nuts. I started to play games online and met a man in a game room that was very good with words. In our conversations, he discovered that I had never used a dildo or any kind of toy on myself other than impromptu ones. So he sent me a toy called the rascally rabbit, which had a clit stimulator and also rotated in various directions while it vibrated. I was hooked from the start and now have a collection of toys that I love to play with.
One of my favorites is one that I like to call my purple nubby. It is made of purple gel and is slender and slightly curved. Its shaped like a small penis, with a little bulbous head and it has tiny nubs on one side of it all up and down the length. It smells like grapes. This story is about how I like to use that toy.
One of my favorite things to do is to get naked in front of my computer and slip that nubby between my butt cheeks with the head directly on my anus. The rest of the toy lays along my crack and against my pussy lips , and it is just the right length to fit sweetly over my clit. I put the nub side up so they are against my skin, then I turn the vibe on very low. This is how I am sitting right now as I write this.
I will come to this site and read some of your stories to get in the mood. I love the ones that are just a little bit 'naughty' or what some would consider a bit forbidden, like the stories of mother/son adventures or the ones about total strangers meeting. After a few of those stories my juices are starting to flow fairly good.
That's when I like to switch to a game site where I can play in real time with several other people from round the world. I choose a nickname that is sure to get a good conversation going. I turn my vibe up about half way and start to grind a bit on my toy, feeling the nubs stimulate me from ass to clit, it's wonderful.
As the conversation in the game gets more bold, so do I. At some point I will either announce to the entire table what I am up to, or will tell one of the men at the table in a private message. This usually stimulates suggestions for me to try, and I will follow thru on many of them.
Soon I have turned the vibe up to high and I am squirming in my chair as I receive many nasty comments and suggestions. I love the idea that the things I say causes some man half way round the world to get hard and have to jack off immediately.
After anywhere from half an hour to three hours of torturing myself with that vibe, grinding and squirming, and changing batteries as needed, I will either go to my cam and invite someone to watch me, or I will go to my bed and perform the following in private:
I spread my legs as far as I can, either placing them on the desk or if I am in bed I will butt up against the wall and spread them open that way. I put fresh batteries in my purple nubby, and begin to move it up and down the length of my ass hole and all along my lips to my clit and back. All the while I am moving it VERY slowly so that I can feel each and every nub sliding against all the most tender parts of my body. I especially enjoy the nubs on my ass or on my clit, but it is very nice against my lips too, if I spread my lips slightly and allow them to massage me just inside. I will do this till I have gone nearly insane. Occasionally I will remove it to taste my juices and smell that grape and juice combination, it's luscious. When I cant stand it any more, I will move it very fast up and down the entire length of me for a few times then PLUNGE it deep inside me and let those nubs work my g spot and inner lips. By this time I have worked myself up so much it doesn't take too long, just a few hard fast deep thrusts as my hips grind and pump and my hungry pussy devours that purple nubby. The tension builds to just before I cum and then I get like a hot flash all over my body as I go over the edge, my lips contract involuntarily, and my fingers go to my clit and rub and rub while I ride the cum wave. Its incredible and I love to do it over and over in a night, especially if someone is watching me. Ladies, if you don't tease yourself for a while before u allow yourself to cum, you are missing out on a major release at the end of it. I think I will go play a game now. Happy reading.



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