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Me And My Mother

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When I was 12 my mother and I were struck with tragedy. My father died of a heart attack at the age of just 32. It was a really difficult time but I guess it brought my mother and I closer together. I started giving her a lot of hugs and began sleeping in her bed to keep her company. This was all perfectly innocent and we were just supporting each other. However, being in that situation meant that we saw each other naked as we got changed in the same room. She hadn't seen me naked for a while and I had started puberty when I was about 11 1/2 so she commented on how grown up I had become already and what a big boy I was - just like my dad. I had not seen her naked since I was very young. She is a very attractive, sexy woman and I couldn't help getting hard sometimes as I watched her getting dressed. I managed not to let her see me hard at first and if I started to get hard when we were cuddling in bed I would roll over.
After months had passed I started to play with myself under the covers as I watched her dress and when she left the room to make the breakfast I would continue stroking on my hard on through my underwear as I thought about her large breasts, neatly trimmed pussy and slim body. One morning as I played with myself I felt a tingling and aching deep inside me and I brought myself to my first big orgasm, shooting cum out into my boxers. I quickly cleaned up and chucked my boxers into the laundry wondering if my mum would notice the mess they were in when she came to wash them. I got went down for breakfast in my new clean boxers and smiled to myself as I thought about my first spunk. After that I started to get up and wank in the bathroom every morning after I had watched my mum getting dressed. I would also wank most evenings, sometimes using my mums used underwear.
It was about six months after my dad's death when we were in bed one Sunday morning and my mum was resting her head on my chest as I held her. She said how strong and manly my body was for a boy my age and how she felt safe when I held her. She started stroking my chest and stomach and I immediately felt my cock stiffen. I didn't move and my mum carried on stroking me as I saw the bed sheet rise up with my erection. My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure if she would freak out. Mum suddenly stopped stroking me and said 'Do you need to masturbate?' I didn't know what to say at first but mum sat up and looked at me saying 'Don't worry, I know you do it, it's ok.' I hesitated but then I got brave and said 'Shall I go to the bathroom or what?' My mother looked at me and looked down at the bulge in the sheets then she said 'You can do it wherever you like.' I thought for a second then I took a deep breath and threw back the covers. My mum stared at the bulge in my boxers and looked excited so I decided to go for it. I pushed down the waistband of my boxers and freed my stiff cock and balls. My cock sprang out and my mum kind of gasped and kept staring at my long, thick tool. I held the waistband down beneath my balls with my left hand as I took hold of my dick in my right hand and began to slowly wank it. Precum was already leaking from the tip and as my foreskin pulled back each time it revealed the bulging, glistening head almost fully. My mum then managed to speak in a quivering voice 'Do you mind me watching?' I answered 'No, I like you watching me, do you like watching?'
'Yes, I do' she replied 'Your dick is gorgeous, I can't believe how big it has already grown and your still only 12.' I smiled proudly and continued to wank on my dick more quickly as mum watched closely and started to stroke my flexing six pack and chest. I was so turned on I could feel myself nearing orgasm already and I worked on my dick faster, grunting 'I'm gonna cum.' My mum excitedly said 'Yes, do it Jamie' and I groaned as my first wave of orgasm hit me and a huge jet of spunk shot out and splashed all over my neck and chest. A second jet and a third shot out followed by 3 or 4 contractions and a second wave of orgasm poured more cum out over my hand and pubes. I was shaking and gasping for air and my mum was looking flushed and was breathing hard as she complimented me on my 'beautiful show'. Mum then got me a towel and helped me to clean up before cuddling back into my arms. We lay there for a while before she went down to make our breakfast. Our relationship continued to develop after that and I will write again with more stories.



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