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Me and My Girlfriend

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Last week, me and my girlfriend Sarah were hanging out at my house, in my bedroom. My mom was downstairs and my dad was at work, so there was no one around to bother us. Pretty soon, Sarah was on top of me, on my bed, and we were making out.

I groped at her D-cup breasts through her shirt before I pulled it up over her head and unclasped her bra. I returned to kissing her lips and neck as I gently caressed her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She's got really sensitive breasts, so she held me tighter and breathed hard as I did this. When I lowered my head to suck and lick one of her nipples, she let out a deep sigh and squirmed a little bit under me. I went back to feeling her breasts with one of my hands, with my other hand cupping her ass, as I kissed and gently sucked on her neck, leaving a small hickey.

She rolled off onto her side, no longer on top of me, as we continued kissing, and I felt her hand slide across my crotch, brushing into my erection. We stopped kissing and looked at each other. Up until now, we hadn't done much more than kissing and me touching her breasts, and she'd once lightly gripped my penis through my boxers, but not really moved her hand at all. We had talked about going further, though. Without saying a word, I slid out of my pants and boxers.

She stared at my erect penis, as it was the first she'd seen. Gingerly, she reached out and wrapped her hand around it. Even from this small touch, pleasure washed over me and I shuddered against her. I took her wrist and started moving it up and down, to show her what to do. Soon, she was stroking me steadily and I was crushing my mouth into hers as we kissed. I was holder her tight, breathing heavily and often quietly moaning as her hand massaged my cock. I'd never had anyone do this to me before, and it was amazing. I could feel my orgasm building slightly, but I wasn't close yet. I leaned in towards Sarah's ear and whispered 'faster'.

She sighed, showing that my words had turned her on, and began stroking up and down faster and harder than before. I told her I was getting close in between moans and gasps. I was about to cum as I held her tight and whispered her name into her ear. Finally, I let out a series of fast, deep breaths and then one long, breathy moan as I came. My orgasm hit hard as my cock twitched and I came, filling Sarah's hand with cum and shooting some back onto my stomach. Sarah slowly stopped stroking me as I lay there, panting.

After I recovered, I used some tissue to clean myself and Sarah up, and then started kissing her again. I placed my hand on her stomach, but instead of moving up to her breasts like usual, I began to slide it down. Soon, it was pressed up against that spot between her legs, outside her panties. I hadn't done anything like this before, but I tried my best. I started rubbing and pressing against her down there, stroking the fabric of her panties with my fingers. She squirmed a bit and moaned, but it was clear she wasn't experiencing the same amount of pleasure that I had. I stuck my fingertip barely down inside her panties and asked 'Can I?'. She exhaled and closed her eyes as she said quietly 'yes'.

Excited, I moved my hand down past her pubic hair to her wetness. For about thirty seconds, I moved my hand around her down there, but then I found a hard, fleshy button I thought must be her clitoris. I began circling it and pressing on it with my finger. Sarah immediately grabbed me hard and started kissing me and panting. I rubbed her clit faster and felt her whole body shake against me. I pushed my finger into her. She sighed as my finger penetrated her, but wasn't enjoying it as much as when I was touching her clit, so I went back to it. My finger was lubed up from her cum from being inside her, so I was able to rub her clit faster and harder than before without it being uncomfortable. She wrapped her arms around me tight and started breathing hard and sharp. I knew she was about to orgasm, so I increased my speed on her clit. Almost immediately, she grabbed me hard and stopped breathing. Then, for about thirty seconds, her breaths came in sharp, spastic pants. I felt her muscles down between her legs shaking as her whole body shuddered hard against me. Then she let out a deep, satisfied sigh and fell against me. I took my hand out from between her legs and wrapped it around her, kissing her.

'That was amazing.' She said. I said, 'yeah'.


It was the best experience of my life, and I hope something else like it happens soon.



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