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Me and My Friend

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My story:
Firstly, I love this site! Keep all those stories coming; they're a great read!
And also, excuse me for any typos; English isn't my #1 language... I tried to fix them all though :)
I was around 15 when all this took place. I had a friend, Steven (not his real name), who I used to hang around with. One day when we were just walking around our boring little town as usual I told him that my parents were gone for the weekend, and asked him if he would like to come over that night to watch some movies and sleep over. He said yes, so we drove to the movie store to rent a few movies that we had both never seen before.
The evening started out the same as any other time with him, it was fun. We watched the movies (that turned out to be pretty horrible), played some videogames and just talked. After all that we were getting a bit bored. I don't really remember why exactly but we started wrestling, and just for the record -- I was winning ^-^
During the wrestling I got on top of him, when suddenly I felt his hand between my legs. At first I thought it was a mistake but when I looked at him I knew it wasn't. I quickly got up and sat on the other couch, because I was pretty freaked out. I asked if we could just watch some more television, and switched it on. After changing the channel a couple of times we noticed that there was an erotic movie on. Not so strange actually, we had been watching two movies so it was around midnight. We watched it for some time, when I noticed that I was getting an erection. I was wearing pretty thin pants that night so it was clearly noticeable. When I looked at Steven to see if he saw it I noticed that he had it too, and that he was already stroking his dick over his pants. With the initial shock effect off, I was pretty turned on by our previous encounter so I started to do the same. We started talking about the movie, what we liked and didn't like about it while we continued to stroke. He told me that it was much more fun to masturbate with our pants off, and when I agreed we quickly did it and sat besides each other. I looked at his dick and was pretty turned on by what I saw. I touched his hand and asked him if I could do it for him, and he agreed. I touched his dick, sending a major thrill through my body. I leaned over a bit and when I started to jack him off, I noticed that he started to do the same to me. We were both going really slow, and when we were close to having an orgasm we'd asked each other to stop for a while. This was not some technique we learned or something, we were just pretty afraid of coming, because, well, it's messy. We kept doing this and having fun for some time, when the movie ended. We stopped and looked at the time, and decided it was best to just go to bed. When we went upstairs we touched a bit, but nothing else happened. I showed him to his bed and I walked over to mine, and we both fell asleep.
That morning when we got up we talked a bit about the previous night. It didn't take long before we started talking about the erotic movie, and what we were doing. It turned out we both had mixed feelings about it; it was fun and sexy in one way but also pretty scary. We kept talking and during this talk we both started masturbating again. It wasn't like the night before, we were just in our beds with the blankets over us, but we could clearly see the movement underneath. We kept doing this for some time, until we both decided that it was late enough and we should get up.
When we got dressed and went downstairs, we both started to realise what happened earlier. We became a bit quiet. It was too bad that something great like that had to end so uncomfortable, but that's just how things go. After a while he went home.
We both stopped seeing each other for a couple of days, during which I thought about what happened and realised that I was actually ok with it. I even masturbated a couple of times thinking about that night and morning. When the doorbell rang and Steven was at the door I was thrilled. My guess is that he had been doing to same thing, because we were talking and laughing again like it was all ok, and luckily it was.
A couple of weeks later Stevens parents were away for the weekend, but I'm not going to bother writing about what happened then, and the times after that ^-^. Sadly he moved to another town a few months after the first weekend we spend together. We still talk on the phone and via msn though, but never about those nights. I guess it was just a feeling we got when we were together, but I'm happy enough that we are still very good friends.
That's my story!
Keep writing everyone,



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