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Me and My Daughter

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I'm 35 and my daughter now is 16, I married at the young age of 19 to a beautiful and loving wife. This happened about a year ago. The wife was gone for a week leaving me and Claire alone to fend for ourselves. Claire, being my daughter, is about 5'5', athletic C cup blonde and very good looking. Anyway she decided to go and sunbathe while I was sitting on our bed watching some tv, and I looked out of the window. Claire's on her mobile phone so I figured she would be on it for ages like she always was. I opened the closet, popped in a few porn videos and started to jerk off. I'm lying on my bed wearing nothing but boxers.

Suddenly Claire bursts into the room catching me mid stroke watching a porno. Well I go red in the face and grab for the controls to stop the video player and turn the tv off. Claire stands there looking at my dick as I'm pulling my boxers over it. I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging but I'm a good eight inches long and about six inches round and she's standing in her bikini gaping at my dick.

So I suddenly blurt out, 'What did you want, did you want something?' and she snaps out of her daze and says 'I wanted to know did you want something to drink, I was getting a lemonade and...' I said 'No...no it's ok I don't need anything, thankyou.' She stands there and we are both looking at one another in this awkward silence when she says, 'You were jerking off?'. Well it hit me like a truck I didn't know what the hell to say other than yes, so I said yes and she giggles and she asks me 'Did you get to finish?', well I'm lying here on the bed in shock, here's my little girl asking me about this sort off thing, not that it's wrong, and acting like it isn't a big deal catching your dad jerking off to a porno.

I tell her no I didn't get to finish, because you entered and she nodded in understanding. Then she asks me if she can watch me finish. She said she and her friends had heard about it in school and she wanted to witness it for herself. So I said sure. I then, for the first time in my life noticed how hot my daughter was, every dad notices their daughters are cute, but I noticed it from a different perspective. She lay down on the bed beside me and I pulled my boxers down, turned the porno back on and continued to jerk off while she watched. She then asks if it's ok for her to join me, and I think about it for a while and said 'Sure, ok.' She slips out of her bikini and lays down on her back, legs spread wide, fully naked beside me and I look down at her. I watched as she felt her breasts and played with her pussy, rubbing it softly then inserting her middle finger inside, her pussy lips were wet and she looked up at me then looked at my dick and back at me and sat up.

I asked her was something wrong and she just asked could she do it, she motioned to me stroking myself and I lay back as she gripped my dick. She stroked it hard and fast and it felt amazing, perfect even. A few minutes of stroking later and I shot ropes of hot cum all over my stomach to chest and up her arms and hands. I groaned and moaned and cried out her name. She gave me a playful grin and licked the cum off her hands and wiped her arms clean. She asked would I do her as well and I couldn't say no, so she lay on her back and spread her legs. I started to rub softly and inserted two fingers into her then rubbed her clit. She was warm and moist and I loved every moment of it. She started to moan softly at first then louder as she neared her climax, then finaly shouted out 'Daddy!' and her back arched as her body felt the waves of pleasure rush over her as she orgasmed.

She looked up at me breathing hard and I looked down at her, she leaned up and kissed me gently. We held each other for a moment then got dressed and continued throughout the week experimenting. It's now a year later and she's had numerous boyfriends in that time, but weve done a lot together in that year, many of our nights together have been in mutual masterbation.



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