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Me and My Dad

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Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by sex. My uncles had a black box for our TV so we got every station, including the Playboy station, so I grew up always putting the channel on when no one was home and getting aroused by it.

As I got older, we moved and we never had the black box again. I remember my friends talking about jerking off and finding their dad's pornos and stuff, so I would go around my house searching for porn every week. I never found one video, DVD, magazine, nothing. (Even to this day I haven't found a single thing.) On my search, the only thing I found were condoms, that actually expired two years before my finding them. No matter how many times I looked, I never found anything besides these same old condoms.

This led me to believe that my father was never having sex ever and didn't ever masturbate. (My dad doesn't know how to use a computer so I knew he'd never use the internet for porn, plus my mom would know...) So I thought that there was something terribly wrong with me. Why did I literally beat off two to three times a day and my dad never did? I don't have any brothers, so I thought this was a big problem.

I decided I needed to know for certain if there was a problem with me, so I tried to set my dad up to catch his eye. I started by buying Maxim and getting some of my old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions and leaving them in the bathroom, by his side of the bed, and nothing. They were never touched. I even slipped a Playboy into the mix a few times.

One night I was flipping through the stations to the premium movie channels. This was when I learned of what aired after like 10:30 PM. Porn porn porn! Naturally, I was excited and jerked off. And then I had the brilliant idea, leave it on throughout the night as my dad would go to work at 1:30-2:00am on some nights. As fate would have it, that night he was going into work in the early morning.

I heard him coming downstairs and it was about 1:00am. I jumped into our outside porch where I had a clear view of the living room and television set. He entered the living room and just stared at the TV for a good five minutes. Did not move, just stared. Then, he moved to the couch and sat down, getting his boots on, flipping the channel. A few minutes later, back to the porn. He rubbed on the crotch of his pants a few times and finally stuck his hands down the front of his pants and just left his hand there for a few minutes. After that, he shut off the TV and left for work.

I was pretty excited myself, I was kind of just watching porn with my dad. Now that this had happened, I knew my dad watched porn and there wasn't anything wrong with me beating off.

However, what just had happened left me wanting more. Every time I knew my dad would be going into work in the early morning, I'd find what was on the movie channels and leave it on for him, and then hide on the side porch. Every time it was typically the same as the first time. He came downstairs, watched it, flipped back and forth, and did a few crotch tugs. One time, he did come downstairs in his black boxer briefs and I noticed him getting a bit of a boner, but he quickly put on his jeans, while still transfixed on the TV.

One weekend, my mother and sisters went down to Georgia for the weekend to spend time with family there. It was just my father and myself home for the entire weekend. This was gonna be it, the time I got my dad to jerk off.

I set it up perfectly. I would wait until he fell into a deep sleep while watching the movie channels (he always had a movie on before going to bed) and I'd flick it up or down a station until I found a station that'd be playing a porno in a few hours. I turned the volume up just enough so I could hear it from my room and I left his door open just a little crack and my door open just a little crack. Then, I'd put the same movie on the TV in my own room, but I'd mute it.

As soon as the movie came on, I ran over to the door and watched him as he just lay there. I knew that sooner or later, he would wake up. And I was correct. About fifteen minutes into the movie, I saw him sit up a little. A few minutes after that, his athletic shorts were thrown on the floor and he was laying their in his tight, white boxer briefs. His hand went under the waistband and he slowly started moving it up and down. I was only in my boxers and a t-shirt at this time, so I was doing the same thing, hand under the waistband and slowly, as I half-watched my dad and half-watched the porno. His other hand slowly made its way down his shorts and started massaging and tugging on his large ball sack. He was still going slowly on his cock, so I did the same, massaging my balls and slowly rubbing my throbbing cock and my pubes.

A good hour into the movie, he lowered the waistband of his underwear right under his balls and picked up his dick and let it slap his stomach. He did this about ten times. Naturally, I did the same as my dad over and over again.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pull his underwear back up and then quickly jumped out of bed. He started walking to his bedroom door, with a boner pointing straight out. I thought he was just shutting his bedroom door, but he opened it wide and stood there, staring at the TV. He put one hand down his underwear on his cock and the other hand down the back of his underwear on his ass.

At this point, my heart was racing like no other and I had the hardest erection I've ever had in my life. He stood in his doorway staring at the TV for a few more minutes and then started walking out.

I don't know what came over me, but I decided to also go out of my bedroom. I opened my bedroom door and there we stood, father and son, boner to boner.

My dad started laughing and said 'I didn't know you were awake!'

I said 'I didn't know you were either.'

He said 'Looks like something woke us BOTH up!'

I laughed and he made his way into the bathroom. I just stood in the hall waiting but then my father yelled 'Well, we were both going to the bathroom for a reason, might as well get it over with.'

I walked into the bathroom and my dad was standing right at the toilet with his boxers right at his thighs, his big hairy ass just staring at me. He turned around and said 'Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna bite, haha!'

When he turned around, I couldn't help but look at his rock hard dick. It was the first time in my life that I had seen an erect penis in up-close, in person, in LIGHT that wasn't my own. I expected his dick to be a lot bigger, just judging from the times I had seen his bulge in his underwear a few times, from seeing him soft in the shower when I was younger, and just from minutes before seeing his boner sticking right out of his boxer briefs. He was probably around six inches or so and was VERY hairy. In fact, I didn't even know a dick could get that hairy. His balls were also hairy, but also huge. As he stood there, they just continually slapped his legs.

I lowered my boxers to my thighs and started stroking my dick again. I was only semi-hard at that point as the thought of my dad being pissed at me was also on my mind. It was just a matter of seconds before I was rock hard again, though.

My dad looked over at my 19 year old cock and said 'Well, you clearly didn't get your dick genes from me!' My dick was a little over seven and a half inches and I was hairy but not as hairy as his pubic jungle. He then said 'You'll have no problem having kids with THAT!'

I just laughed. We both stood there for a few more minutes choking our cocks and my dad started making noises.

'I'm about to blow!!!!' he exclaimed.

He bent his knees and leaned over the toilet. He blew strings of cum right into the toilet, some landing on the back of the seat and some on the floor. I was shocked by this-not by the size of the load or the fact that my father just blew his load right in front of my face, but by the fact that my father does the same technique as me when blowing his load-right over and into the toilet (as much as possible ;)).

As he was cumming, I was still jerking my cock and started feeling the cum as well. I ran over to the toilet and blew my load in it as well. It was the biggest load I had ever shot within the 19 years of my life, it just kept on coming and coming out.

My dad said 'Damn!' and patted me on the back. He said 'Thanks for this, I haven't had one in a loooooong time and I really needed that. Good night.'

And my dad pulled his boxer briefs up and went to bed.

I left the bedroom and noticed the TV was still on in his room. My dad was laying on his bed with one hand on the TV remote and the other down his boxer briefs. He yelled to me 'Hey, Ryan, don't forget to shut your TV off.' with a smile.

I smiled back and shut my door.

**That was an entirely true story and was just one of the few times that I ended up jerking off with my dad. It was never anything sexual other than a father and son watching porn together. Neither of us ever touched each other or anything like that. My father has been the only guy I've ever jerked off with.



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