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Me and My Cousin

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Me and my cousin Tom have grown up together our whole lives. We are both straight and are really close, we talk about everything! We always talk about girls, sex, how far we have gone and stuff like that. We had seen each other naked before playing around as little kids or whatever but never done anything with each other.

He lives a couple of states away and I try to visit him as often as possible. When I visited him about a year ago we had our first experience. We were in his room kind of late sitting on the bed and he turns the TV on. He flips through the channels and we see a porn channel and stop to watch. We both kind of laugh and talk about how fake it is but we keep watching it. About 15 minutes later it was over so we began our search for another. We finally found one and we could tell that we were both really horny. I said 'hey are you hard?' and he said 'Why, are you?' and I said 'heck yea!' and pulled off my shorts and boxers and showed him my hard dick. It didn't take him long before he had his off to and we just laid there on his bed and casually stroked our cocks.

Our cocks are almost exactly alike. I guess its because we are cousins. We are both pretty skinny but his muscles are more defined. We are both around 7' with a medium thickness. He has a more dark complection than me so his dick is a little darker and his curves a little to the left while mine is perfectly straight. He has a big dark bush above his dick while mine is lighter and I trim very close. Our balls are exactly the same too. They hang low when we are soft and tighten up when we are hard. They are pretty big too. Now back to the story...

The movie started getting really intense and I could tell he was enjoying it. We casually glanced at each others meat but were mainly focused on the movie. He started stroking his dick a little harder and I asked 'do you have any lube' He said yea so we both got off the bed with our dicks pointing straight out and went into the bathroom. We looked through some bottles of lotion and cream and finally found some Vaseline. So we put it between us on the bed and began stroking and watching the movie again.

At one point we both reached into the tub of vaseline at the same time and our hands touched. I can't say for him but it gave me chills. We looked at each other and smiled and began talking about hot girls we knew.

After a while we started talking about cumming. He said 'I'm getting close' and I replied 'Slow down because I want to go at the same time' He said 'thats a good idea.' So he stopped for a couple seconds and I started stroking harder and faster. then I said 'ok let's get ready' he quickly grabbed his cock and started going at it. He started to make noises and that really turned me on and then I felt more comfortable so I started moaning. We looked at each other again and nodded and smiled then we laid our heads back and and we both let out a sigh. We sat up and looked at each other and we both had cum all over our hands, hair, stomach, chest and it was running down our cocks.

We both looked at each other once again and laughed and talked about how much fun it was. We laid there for a few more minutes and chatted as we rubbed in the cum that had landed on our bodies.

We both got up went in the bathroom and looked at each other and laughed and were amazed at how much cum was on us. Then we got some toilet paper and wiped it off ourselves. We stayed naked and after we had fully recovered and gone soft we went to the bathroom and peed together. That night we just slept naked but not in a gay way and again in the morning we recalled the nights events and laughed about it.

Things are not weird at all and I don't think that what we did is gay at all. It made us a lot closer. Now we masturbate together whenever we see each other. Its just a good time to spend together. We had a lot more fun that weekend too. One time we did it when his twin friends were over. But thats a story to come. Please comment!



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