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Me and My Cousin

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So a few years ago my Mom and my Aunt went out shopping on a Saturday afternoon, pretty common stuff. My dad was at work, and it was pouring rain. My aunt came by, and had my younger cousin Mike with her, and asked if he could hang out with me while her and my mom went shopping. No big deal, Mike was pretty cool and I figured we'd just watch TV and play video games.

So my mom and aunt left, Mike went downstairs to play video games, and I just hung out in my room to surf the net and chat with some friends. I like looking at sports sites, but of course also like looking at porn, and after an hour or so I kinda lost track of time and where Mike was, and was looking at some sites with naked girls and I realized that Mike had walked in and was standing next to me. I figured shit, I'm busted, he's gonna tell, and there would be hell to pay. I closed down the site as quick as I could, but not soon enough because he started asking questions, like what was that, why are you looking at naked girls, and then-'can I see?'

I'm like, no way man, and he's like please, please, please so finally I tell him to pull up a chair and I'd let him see. Before I maxed the window I told him he couldn't tell ANYONE what I was going to show him, and like I said he was pretty cool, and said sure, no problem.

So I pulled up this site, and there start showing him pictures. His reaction was what you'd expect: his mouth hung open, silence at first, then a TON of questions, mostly about female anatomy, and then more personal questions or me, like why do I look at those pictures, have I ever see a girl naked for real, etc.

I went on to explain, the best I could, that seeing a naked girl in a picture or for real was exciting, and kinda fun, and he wanted to know what 'exciting' meant. I asked him if he had sex ed in school yet, and he said yeah, so I said exciting is when you get an erection, it feels good, and feels ever better when you rub it. He looked at me kind funny, like he didn't know what I meant, and then it was like a light bulb went off. 'OOOOOHHHHHHHH' he said and laughed. 'Do you really (and he made a jerking off motion)'. Yeah, I told him, practically every guy in the world does, and he will too someday. And, of course, he had a TON more questions. How does it feel? Where do you do it? Do you make sperm?

So I tried to be as cool as I could, and answered his questions, and he wanted to see more pictures. It was about this time that I noticed his hand was down between his legs, adjusting himself, and I put 2 and 2 together and figured he had a hard on. And so did I. It was weird, but I had gotten REALLY horny talking about this stuff with Mike. So I proceeded to show him other sites, with guys and girls, and some video clips at a 'handjob' site, that actually showed guys cumming. He got real quiet watching those, then said can you make sperm come out of your dick like those guys. I told him of course I could, and man I was ROCK hard at that point.

Then I got an idea. I had no clue where it would lead, but I said hey, you know sometimes me and my friends do goofy stuff like run around the house naked, wanna try it? He laughed, hard, and said OK. Like I said, I had no idea what would happen, but I DID know I was horny. So in no time I stripped down to my boxers and he stared right at the tent I had. Then he stripped to his tighty whites and I could see his hard on too. I took my boxers off then ran out of the room, down the stairs, hoping he'd follow. And he did. All the way to the basement. I got down there and plopped on the couch, and he was about 5 seconds behind me, and there he was, completely nude, his hard cock bobbing in front of him, about 4' long and curved up towards his flat belly, just a few small wisps of pubic hair around it. And he sat right next to me, our legs touching.

He commented about how 'hairy' I was and was staring at my cock, and I grabbed it and slowly stroked it up and down. I told him that's how I can make sperm come out, I like to think about hot girls when I do it and he could watch. 'Cool' was all he said, and off I went, stroking away. Go ahead, you try too, I told him, and he did, awkwardly. It feels better when someone does it for you, and I told him how this girl down the street had jerked me off about a month before. I didn't ask and he didn't stop me, I just reached over and started playing with his hard little cock. He squirmed and groaned a little, then I took his hand, put it on my cock, then covered it with my hand and showed him how to move it up and down. And ws sat there, legs/thighs pressed against each other, stroking each other, LOVING it, and after about 5 minutes I told him I was going to shoot. And did I. 3 or 4 nice solid squirts all over my stomach, and he was amazed, rubbing his fingers in it, wanting to know if he could make sperm yet. I told him no, soon tho, and to keep practising by stroking himself every night before he went to sleep.

About six months later I saw him and he told me in our kitchen then he could cum. It was awesome



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