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Me and My Cousin

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This story happened when I was 14 years old.

It was a Saturday night and my cousin andy was staying over, which was nothing unusual as he normally does, I share a room with my younger brother and when my cousin stopped we used to put the two single beds together so that the three of us could sleep in the same bed.

We had been playing football during the day and computer games on the night, it was getting late so the three of us went to bed, andy was the same age as me and my brother was 2 years younger than us. As normal we just went to bed wearing just our underwear, Andy sleeping in the middle with me and my bro on the ends of the bed.

My brother and cousin fell to sleep quite quickly and I was lying there wide awake unable to sleep, as I was lying there I started to feel my cock get hard, I was lying on my side with andy facing away from me, I don't know why but I started thinking about how big andys was, curiosity then got the better of me. I got closer towards andy checking if he was asleep also been careful not to poke him with my boner, I put my hands under the covers and moved it towards his underwear, I reached around and felt the outline of his cock through his pants, I squeezed it gently and thought it felt quite hard, I then moved my hands away encase I woke him, to my surprise I then felt andy move and then felt something touching and feeling my cock through my pants, I realised andy was awake and he had his hands on my cock, after a while he moved his hand away and I then done the same to him again but this time I went inside his pants and started feeling his balls, I ran my hand through his pubes and then grasped his cock and slowly started stroking him pulling his foreskin up and down over his head, it moved really easily due to the amount of precum he had oozing, andy then stopped me and he proceeded to mine he put his hand inside my pants and started wanking me as I had done to him, it felt amazing having somebody else wanking me, my cock was dripping with precum, after a few minutes I had to stop him I was ready to cum, I then reached over and started wanking him again he was rock hard, as I was stroking his cock he started pushing his ass into my cock even though we both had our underwear on it felt amazing, after only a few thrusts I could not take anymore and I cum all in my pants, I proceeded to carry on wanking andys cock, I then felt him tense and my hand was covered in his cum.

We both got cleaned up and went to sleep, the next morning we woke and never said anything about what had happened, but it was not the last time.



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