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Me And My Buddy From Upstairs

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This is a great site for a jerk off pig like me. I want to contribute something about a part of my life that happened after my divorce.


My ex took me to the cleaners. After we split all I could afford was a do it yourself finished room in a basement. I had the bare essentials - a couch that folded out into a bed, a tiny bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a shower, a pint-sized refrigerator, a small electric stove that was really a hotplate, a tv-and not much else.
The guy who rented me his basement room was a cop. I had gone to school with him and we were good buddies. After work he would come down to my room. We would go out for a run and then sit around watching the tube. If he got off from work at midnight and I didn't have to go to work the next morning, we would stay up watching the tube and talking until 2 or 3 am. His wife said she didn't mind because it gave him a chance to wind down from the job and he was easier to live with that way.
My room had a door to the outside down a flight of steps. Half the time I left my door unlocked and my friend would come in without knocking. So, one night, the inevitable happened. My buddy walked in on me for a late night run when I was going at it full tilt, stretched out on the couch in nothing but a t-shirt. At least I wasn't doing anything really kinky that time.
At first we were both shocked and embarrassed. My friend excused himself and started saying he would come back some other time. But right away I got my cool back. I said, no, it was ok, he could come in and we would go running. I grabbed my running gear and pulled on my shorts and we went out.
When we came back my friend fell all over himself to tell me he was cool with my jerking off, I could do whatever I wanted in the privacy of my own room, it was none of his business. Then he admitted he did it too - a lot. In fact, he confided in me that his wife wasn't much interested in sex any more, so most of the time he jerked off on the toilet or in the shower. That led into a man to man talk where we told each other about all the crazy places where we'd done it, how many times a day we did it at various stages of our lives, our personal techniques and so forth. It turned out he was almost as big a jerk off pig as me. (I asked him if he ever did it in the cruiser. The answer was yes, sort of, but I won't go into the details. )
All this talk was making me horny of course and he seemed to be getting horny too. So I looked him straight in the eye and asked him if he wanted to jerk off with me then and there. He gave me a funny look but after a moment he said ok. From then on we started doing it together regularly. We did it side by side on the couch. At first we kept our clothes on but then as he got more comfortable with it we started getting naked together.
For him I think it was just a release but for me it was something more. After my divorce a side of me that I'd always kept in check started to assert itself. When I was in school I had sexual feelings for other boys, as well as for girls. I would check guys out in the showers and then I would jerk off thinking about them. One time I had a powerful dream about a friend where I was sucking his cock. But I never let on to anyone that I had these feelings.
When I was in 11th grade I got laid for the first time and after that I focused almost completely on the opposite sex. But after my divorce my interest in women seemed to subside and my interest in men picked up again. So jerking off with my upstairs buddy gave me a charge that I'm not sure he shared completely.
But it wasn't enough. What I really wanted to do was suck his cock. So one night when we started in, I bent over and took him in my mouth. Naturally he was shocked. What are you doing, he said. But he didn't pull away.
I had never sucked a cock before but I'd been on the receiving end plenty of times, so I knew more or less what to do. He started to relax and enjoy it and he obviously knew the moves too. I took my time bringing him to climax and then I swallowed his cum. It didn't bother me because I'd eaten my own.
The next time I saw him I said I was sorry about what happened, I just didn't know what came over me, etc. etc. But of course I wasn't sorry at all, I'd had one of the greatest experiences of my life.
I held off trying it again for a while. The next time I did it he didn't show any surprise at all and eventually he started letting me know without saying so when he wanted it. He never did it to me, though. I tried to take it to the next level. I hinted that he could take me in the ass if he wanted to but that was where he drew the line.
This went on for several years. Then my life changed for the better. My ex remarried, which freed me up to quit my mindless, low-paying, dead-end job and take the risk of starting my own business and I was moderately successful. I was able to move to bigger place. And my interest in women came back. I started dating again and eventually remarried a wonderful woman and we had a boy.
My friend's life changed too. He made sergeant. He and his wife went to counseling and I guess they must have started having sex again because they had two kids. We're still close friends but we never talk about our past.



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