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Me and My Brother LearningTogether

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Me and my twin brother learned together how to masturbate. Sorry for it being long but had to tell it all


I grew up in a nice neighbourhood with both parents and my fraternal twin brother, who doesn't look much like me. Me and him have been pretty much best friends since we were little kids, we had other friends but we were always together and never argues. Myself, Blake, and Josh, my brother, have always shared a bedroom, which is in the basement two floors down from our parents room.

Having shared a room forever, we have always seen each other naked. As kids, we would often take baths together to save water, and when getting changed we would just change in our room in front of each other. Unlike some other kids, we never touched each other or played doctor or anything as kids, until we were 13. Our parents never had any sex talk with us, but our dad had a quick puberty talk when we were 10, saying our body will change, specifically saying erections were normal. That was it.

Me and my brother each sleep in a single bed, which are about three feet apart. We found out when we were 12 that we could push them together easily and the mattresses would surprisingly be right together to create one big bed. We only did this occasionally for fun but would return them in the morning. We often slept in our underwear, which at the time were plaint whit briefs. We often saw each other with morning wood when we woke up, or sometimes just when changing or other times but never thought anything of it.

Just so you know, at that age I had shaggy black hair, brown eyes, toned body, and pretty much no body hair, just some pubes around the base of my penis. My brother had short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a a body similar to mine but a little more pubes than me. Looking back, around age 13, we both probably had about 4.5-5" dicks, both uncut.

One night, just a few weeks after our 13th birthday, we were both lying in bed not tired. it was the middle of the summer and was a hot night. We usually slept in our briefs but even then I was hot and sweaty and thought it might feel nice to sleep naked. I told my brother what I thought and he said I was weird for that. I figured what the heck and just pulled them off. I didn't have and blankets on anyways as it was so hot. I lay in my bed naked, and it did feel quite weird as I'm not used to being in bed nude. My brother caved and puled his underwear down too. Although I didn't have a boner, my I just started to play around with my penis for fun. It quickly rose and became rock hard, which fascinated me. My brother was staring at me, and I saw that his quickly became hard too. We were just laying there both with boners.

Neither of us had masturbated at all yes, but the year before we learned about masturbation and sex in health class. I remember being curious about it but never really thinking about it at home and it never came to mind again really.

As we were lying in bed, I suggested we push our beds together. So we both hopped out of bed, pushed them together and jumped back in, lying right beside each other still hard. He said that it was getting very annoying always getting erections. I said that I completely agreed. I put my hand on my hard penis, which I've never really done before except in the morning to pee. This time I was already horny (although I didn't really know it), so when I put my hand on it, it felt warm and kind of tingled. I told my brother that it feels good to put your hand on it, so he did too. I then just naturally stroked up on my penis then back down and it sent a shiver down me. I was taken back by how good it felt. I told my brother to do it, but he didn't have the same reaction. I was surprised a little when he asked me to try it for him.

As we were brothers, I didn't have an issue with it and thought nothing of it, as I wanted him to get the good feeling too. So I reached beside me and put my hand around his hard dick. I could feel it pulse in my hand, so I stroked it up and down once, and I saw him shiver. He said that it felt amazing and to keep doing it. So I kept slowly stroking his very hard penis. After about a minute he reached over and started stroking me, and it felt so great to have someone touch me there. We kept going on each other for about 4 minutes, until he said he thought he was about to pee. I quickly let go, worried he was going to pee, and get it everywhere being hard and laying down. He then said that the feeling went away.

This is when I thought back to sex ed class last year, when our teacher mentioned an orgasm before an ejaculation during masturbation and that it might feel like you have to pee at first. I was totally surprised I had forgotten that lesson! I reminded my brother of what the teacher had taught us. We decided to keep masturbating, stroking each other a little after this time. I quickly got the feeling like I had to pee and said to him "I think it's happening, keep going!" And he kept pumping away, until i had my first orgasm and had a few small drips of cum drip out of my dick. I was taken back and just lay there for a minute. He looked so excited to see it, so I stroked him some more and after only three stroked he came too. We both lay there naked and exhausted.

We quickly fell asleep naked, lying right against each other. We woke up and talked about how great the night was. We continued to masturbate each other to orgasm every night after, and still do! I have more stories to tell of us, and some with a good friend of mine :)



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