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Me And My Best Friend

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I'm 14 and the other night my best friends Ben and erica slept over. Well, Ben is going out with my other friend mary and they were together the entire time she was over my house. And last night she left to go home. Erica and Ben stayed over my house though.
When Erica was asleep Ben came ovcer and sat down next to me on the loveseat. He started to creep his hand up my side and i knew what was gonna happen and i felt bad about it because i didnt want to hurt Mary. But then all of a sudden he moved forward and since i was leaning on him i fell over behind him and he turned around kissed me. At that very moment i dont know what hit me, but i forgot all about Mary and just opened my mouth a little to let his tounge slid into my mouth.
we played like that for a little while and then he turned around and layed right up against me. He started to move so his dick was rubbing up against me. And since i have really liked him for a really long time, i was totaly turned on! He started to get kind of aggressive and started kissing more passionetly than i remember. (we had done this kind of thing before on a few occansions).
i forgot how much i really liked him till just that moment. I started to slid my hand in between his pants and his boxers (since i had never done anything like that beofore, i was a little nervous). I put my hand on his dick and started to feel it up and down from top to bottom. He was getting realy hard. Then after a while i pulled my hand out and started to move my hand up his side and turned his head towards me and french kissed him.
A few minutes after, we stopped kissing and he pulled up my shirt and started to put his hand down my pants. He had tryed to before buit i kinda diected him away, but not this time. I was to caught up in the moment. He started to feel around and play with my clit. I felt this huge chill go through my spin and i leaned over and kissed him so long and passionetly. i thought i was going to bust if i didnt have an orgasam, but i didnt want wany one to hear, so I moved my hand so i was holding the side of his face/back of his neck and kissed him more strongly and passionetly than i ever before to try not to moan. He held my neck to with his other hand. Then he stopped and started up with his dick again. i thought i was gonna lose my virginity right then and there, (but i'm glad i didnt). (Even though i do know he'll probably be the one i lose it to, lol).
we kept on like this for hours and then my mom heard something and told rob to go to bed. We told her we were 'talking'. So he stayed with me a little longer. I remember not caring what we were doing and just letting my self do what evr he wanted me to, even though i did do a lot on my own. Then Erica rolled over and he jumped up not wanted her to see (neither did i). And then he sat back down next to me on the couch. For a while i just sat there and gave him a hand job. Then we kissed for a little longer and went to bed.
I wish that night never ended and that i could go back to it again, but im sure i will considering he only lives right next door and no one knows about us. I really love him sooooo much and i know that one day we'll be together and i dont care what anyone else says, because he is my one and only.
Thats only one of my stories, sorry if it was a little long, i kinda get carried away sometimes.



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