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Me and Megan, My First

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This is all true, and I hope you enjoy it


This is when I was 14 and with my first girlfriend. I had been jacking off since about 13. A friend of mine had a dirty magazine that he hid in a field which was on my way home from school. I don't remember what magazine it was, but it was not anything like Playboy or Penthouse. But there was an article about jacking off in it. I didn't really know, but it talked about it in depth. In the picture that was with the article, it had a dildo and a bottle of vaseline. So, whatever came over me, late one night in the summer, I went to our upstairs bathroom, and got the jar of vaseline, lubed up my four inch dick, and took my left and started rubbing up and down. I came three times that night, pumping a generous supply of cum up to my chest all the way down my stomach all three times. I was hooked, and never looked back. Most of the time, using magazines. I did have some experiences with other boys, but this is not what this story is about.

My first girlfriend (We will call her Megan) was friends with a girl, whose parents were friends with my parents. We went to a big city close to us so our parents could go to a concert, leaving all the kids at the hotel. Megan and I got to know each other, she had a thin build with shoulder length, blonde hair, almost white. I didnt recall her in school at all, but she was a year behind me in school, although she was 13. Megan and I had exchanged phone numbers before we left our weekend at the hotel in the city. A week later, we ended up going to a movie, then coming to my house afterwards. We went to my room, and started making out. I thought that was as far as it was going to go. I couldn't take it, after all the jacking off I had done in the last year thinking about girls, it was finally happening to me. I was going to feel a girls boobs! I reached up and felt her boobs, even though they were very small, she did have some.

I thought she was going to stop me, but didn't. I proceeded to go up her shirt and under her bra to feel her small, but very firm tits. She had small nipples that ended up getting very hard. So I made it that far, I thought I would try to take it a step further. I put my hand on her small ass and hip. I was laying on my right side, which meant I was using my left hand. It kind of sucked since I was right handed, but I wasn't complaining. As I put my hand on her hip, she opened her legs. Basically, she was inviting me in! At this point, she was rubbing my five inch dick on the outside of my jeans. I went into her pants feeling she had very little hair, and it turned out to be as white as the hair on her head. As boys back then thought, we thought girls got the greatest pleasure by having fingers stuck in them, and we had no idea about the clit. She was very wet. It only lasted about 15 minutes. I felt like I was going to cum on the inside of my jeans, but never did.

Later that week, we were out of school one day and she came over. We picked up right where we left off, but this time, she went into my pants. We had the house to ourselves, and were in the living room. As she reached in and pulled my rock hard cock out, freeing it and my balls, she layed beside me as I was on my back with my head propped up watching all she was doing. She was jacking me off with her thumb and index finger. It felt so good having her small warm hand on my cock. She had never done this before, but she knew exactly what to do. I ended up pumping a generous supply of cum up to much chest and stomach, which a fair portion got all over her hand. I was breathing hard and almost worn out. She layed there massaging my dick and balls, almost studying them for a good 10 minutes. I never lost any part of my boner this whole time. We moved into my room, and she told me how girls like to be masturbated. She showed me. I couldn't believe it...I had a girl masturbating in my room right next to me. She was a pro at it! I ended up laying right next to her jacking off. We watched each other. She started breathing heavy, almost moaning. Her hips started bucking as she was cumming. With that, I shot another large load up to my chest, with some of it making it to my lower lip, with just a little of the taste making it to my tongue. She then reached over kissing me, taking the remaining cum off my lips. We ended up breaking up a few months later, but to this day, we are friends and talk from time to time. I hope you enjoyed this story, it is all true, and I love remembering it.



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