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Me and Matt

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This happened about nine months ago in early February 2004. I was 14 at the time, and Matt had just turned 14. I had become acquainted with him the previous year, and since then he had done some pretty gay stuff to me (tried to hump me when I didn't have any clothes on), and I'm straight. But this year, I was feeling curious, and when everyone else (there were three other guys in the room) finally fell asleep after we (all) spent half the night talking dirty, Matt got out in the center of the floor in his clothes, which he slept in for some odd reason, and started doing a striptease in the dark. I couldn't tell for sure what he was doing, so I shone my light on him, and he was almost nude. He was down to his boxers and his soft, tightly cut dick was sticking out the hole in the front. We got into daring each other to do things like strip the other that night, and then we got on to whacking off. First, I told him 'You have four options,' then I proceeded to talk rather fast and tell him that I could strip myself and whack myself off with him watching, or he could strip me and I could whack myself off, or he could strip me and then whack me off, or I could strip myself and then he could whack me off. He chose to strip me and then watch me whack off, then whack me off himself once he saw how I did it.

So, when I laid down on my bunk, he proceeded to get dressed, as the deal was that whatever he did to me, I would have to do to him, and then he came over to me and slowly took my shirt off, then untied the cord on my pyjama pants. He slowly slid them down, along with my boxers, and I began, rather hesitantly, to whack off. After about three minutes of not cumming, he took over, and he got in about five minutes before I came.

Then, it was my turn to strip him. I took his shirt off (hesitantly), and then undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slid them and his boxers off in one motion. Then, he whacked off for about six minutes, moaning the whole time. He was so tightly cut (and large, about seven and a half inches) that his only way to whack off was to rub the head until he came. I wasn't exactly clear on that when I started until I started to try to stroke him up and down, and he grabbed my hand and directed me how to do it. He managed to last about 30 minutes, and then I went back to my bunk and my sleeping bag and whacked off again. That's all, and I still consider myself straight, though somewhat curious.



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