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Me and Izzy

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Every summer, my family is visited by my Aunt and her two daughters, my cousins, who live in Europe. For years, we've gotten along as most cousins tend to do, in a completely harmless manner. That, of course, was true up until my cousin Izzy, the oldest of two, turned 15. A naturally timid girl, Izzy was always quiet and shy, only just starting to establish herself as a bit of a punk rock girl. Slowly begining to develop and grow more mature, a natural distance began to appear between myself, 19, and Izzy.

This particular night was a cool one. I had come home late from my friends house and was quietly getting ready for bed, trying not disturb everyone else who was sleeping. I had been to the beach and had changed out of my bathing suit and into my pajamas. As I finished brushing my teeth in the upstairs bathroom, I was startled to find Izzy standing behind me, wearing only a thin nightgown, her nipples poking through, and some boxer briefs. Embarrassed, I quickly started to rinse up, freezing only when I realized I had started to grow hard. Izzy, slightly awkward, stopped and giggled as she noticed my wood rise in my pants. Mortified, I tried to cover myself, but I knew I was too late.

'I've never seen one before' she said quietly, motioning towards my crotch.

'Um...' I simply stuttered, not sure what to say.

'I've always wanted to... to... touch one... you know, but...' stammered Izzy, stepping forward.

Then, shocked, I continued.

'You... you... um.... want to see mine?'

Horrified at what her reaction might be, I was stunned when she smiled and said, simply, yes.

Trembling slightly, I motioned for her to follow me, and I silently led her back to my bedroom. Closing the door behind us, I was quick to lay down some ground rules, cautious to make sure the situation didn't spiral out of control.

'Izzy, we can't do anything serious. You can look, but that's all.' I said quickly.

Izzy just nodded as I sat down on the bed. My hands shaking, I slowly pulled down my pajama pants, my cock popping out. Izzy eyed my wood for a moment, but before I could do anything, she grabbed my cock.

'Can I...' she asked feebly, and all I could do was nod my head, unable to speak.

Without words, Izzy began to stroke my cock. As she did, I slowly laid back, my hand slowly wandering up and under her night gown, clutching on to her small, but firm, tits.

'Izzy, make me cum, make me cum' I moaned as she stroked harder and harder.

It didn't take long for me to spurt a string of cum into her hand. Content but not completely finished, Izzy smiled as she guided my hand down her stomach and into her shorts. I quickly felt the warm sensation of her wet pussy, sliding a finger in. Feeling around for her clit, I began to slid my finger in and out as fast as I could, Izzy moaning as her cum spilled onto my hand. Like myself, it took very little time for her pussy to tighten around my finger as she came.

The two of us utterly exhausted, we helped each other clean up.

'This... this can't happen ever again, Izzy. This was a one time thing.'

Both of understanding how wrong we just were, we agreed never to do such a thing again, able to just enjoy our momentary discretion to ourselves.



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