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Me and Daddy

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I guess Father DOES know best...


About ten years ago, while expecting my second child, I went on a ski trip with my husband and my father. We stayed in a small cabin that was fairly deep in the woods that was best accessed by snowmobile. After two days of skiing, my husband received a call from his employer and was forced to return home to deal with a work crisis, leaving just my father and I alone in the remote cabin. Bad weather was forecast, heavy snow and then a deep freeze, but daddy and I were sure we had enough provisions to get us through the next couple of days, so we hunkered down, looking forward to spending a few days reading and relaxing in front of the fireplace.

Shortly after my husband left, I noticed that my father who, having caught him getting out of the shower once when I was young, I knew was extremely well-hung, was without boxers under his flannel robe. He would squat down to tend to the fire, and it seemed as though he purposely spread his legs and let me see his massive cock and tight balls dangling there. I pretended not to notice, but I was disturbingly turned on by the sight, and could feel my wetness anytime I caught a glimpse of him. Being pregnant, my hormones were raging, so I assumed I was just overly horny and I tried to ignore my arousal.

The storm finally arrived, and with it we lost all power to the cabin. We soon realized that that meant no water, among other things, since the cabin used an electric well. Neither of us had thought of this possibility, city dwellers that we are.

The sexual tension continued to mount as each day passed, with my father now openly flashing his penis, touching himself in sight of me, and giving me more 'reassuring' hugs than one might expect. My swollen belly would press up against his stomach, and slowly I would feel his member rising and grazing my crotch area-not quite reaching because of my added girth being in the way. I could barely keep myself from reaching out and stroking him, I was so worked up. The lack of food and water was distracting, though, so my priorities were shifted away from contemplating taking my own father into my hands and jerking him into ecstasy.

Late one night, after about three days without power, my father crawled quietly into bed with me, explaining that the fire was no longer enough to keep him warm. He pressed his body up against mine, and immediately his cock sprang to attention. It could not be ignored, and he apologized profusely and said he hadn't known how sexy he would find me, his pregnant daughter. With that, I slid my panties off and moved his hand to my crotch. As his fingers parted my labia, I felt a shudder of desire go through my body and I let out a low moan. He now knew that I was just as aroused as he, and without hesitating, he pushed two fingers into my now-dripping cunt, thrust them in and out rhythmically a few times, and then put them to his mouth to taste. By candlelight, I saw that his dick was as hard as a rock and covered in rivulets of pre-cum. I reached down and took his full manhood into my hand, and to my surprise he said, 'No, no, we can't!' and pulled away. Embarassed, I rolled over and turned my back to him, not wanting to discuss any further what had just happened.

The next day, I awoke to my father gently lifting up my shirt and bending to suck on my breast. I was both shocked and horny, and I said, 'I thought we couldn't...' He told me that he was incredibly thirsty, and that the only reason it was okay to suck on my nipple was because he was hoping to make my milk start flowing, as I was so close to my due date. I recognized how lame this was, since there was plenty of snow outside to melt if hydration was the issue, but I was enjoying his hungry mouth pulling and sucking on my tit too much to protest. As he sucked and licked, I began to feel that my milk was, in fact, coming in. My breasts felt heavy and tender, and daddy began slurping and swallowing the little drops of liquid that he drew out of me. His penis was like a rock at this point, and my clitoris was throbbing, wanting to be rubbed. I couldn't stop myself anymore, I had to reach inside his robe and take his shaft into my hand. He moaned with pleasure as soon as my skin hit his, and he began moving his hips in time with my up and down stroking. I used his pre-cum to rub him just under the head of his penis with my thumb, and he begged me, 'please don't stop,' over and over. He continued to suck hungrily at my breast, all the while thrusting and bucking against my hand. I could hardly believe this was happening with my own father, but I was thrilled by how happy I was making him. When his balls started to tighten, I knew that I was about to reach the point of no return and make my father come all over himself. Sure enough, he lifted his face from my breast and began whispering 'yes, yes, yes' until his back arched and his cock exploded with jism, spurt after delicious spurt. His entire body was quivering with electricity at the intensity of his daughter-induced orgasm.

Afterward, he plunged his fingers into my wet pussy as he stroked my clit with his other hand. I was so wet that I could feel my own juices running down my leg and onto the sheets, and my nipples were now leaking milky white fluid onto my chest. As I watched my father's face, nearly delirious with desire, I ground my hips against his hand and fingers until I orgasmed. It was so intense that I could feel my clitoris buzzing and twitching with the pleasure of it.

Afterward, as my father tenderly sucked and licked my leaking milk off of my breasts and neck.

I have never come so hard or so many times by any man at any time, and I know that my dad was equally sated by the time our explorations finally stopped.

This was nearly ten years ago, and it has never happened again, but we're planning another ski trip later this month, and I'm hoping that I can make my daddy just as happy as I did the last time we went skiing. Daddy certainly made his daughter a very happy woman!



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