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Me and Dad

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Okay, It was when I was only 15 years old. I was at home with my dad and Mom had gone to work. She was out at work from six am until six pm. I would occasionally find a porno magazine under my dad's bed and would jerk off to them as I looked. Doing this of course when I was alone.

My dad never taught me about sex, but I later learned about it at school. He is around five feet eleven inches tall and has a tan skin. He has dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes and is an average build. Anyway, I was at home with my dad one day when he said he wanted to talk to me. So we sat down on his bed and I starting listening. Then he pulled one of the porno magazines out from under his bed.

I was getting hot as he started flipping through the pages, until he stopped at one. He stuck his thumb in and closed the magazine. He started asking me if I had ever heard of or done masterbating. Lying, I told him I hadn't. That's when he opened back up the magazine and there was a cum stain on one of the pictures. I started to explain when he hushed me by putting a finger to his lips. He then asked me if I'd ever seen another man's penis. This time being truthful I told him no.

He then asked if I wanted to see his. Burning with curiosity I said yes. He pulled down his pants and boxers, showing his hard soft penis perfectly. It was about seven to eight inches long and as wide as my forearm! He looked at me, but all I could do was stare. He grabbed my hand gently and placed it over his giant cock. His dick started to throb as did mine. To be fair I unzipped my fly and pulled down my boxers. Out flung my rock hard six-inch cock and then we both took off the rest of out clothing.

He then put his hands on my penis and started rubbing up and down in a fast motion. After a minute I couldn't stand it anymore. I spurted out four huge streams, all over my dad's chest and face. Then he lay back on the bed as I started jacking him off too. He started moaning loudly and he contracted a few times. Then he let out three big squirts all over my chest hand and abs, as he started breathing harder. We took a shower together and got cleaned up.

I was shocked at how far we went. I had actually seen and touched another man's cock. I got over it after a while. Mom never found out either. A year or two later I had another experience with a guy. But that's another story.



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