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Me and 'D'

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Recently, I went to camp for many weeks. At the camp that I went to, 'Camp Lake,' there are two bunks in one building. I was in the first bunk in my building and this other boy who was the same age as me, 'D,' was in the second bunk.

One night there was a meeting and all the counselours had to leave the bunk, so a Counselor In Training came in and covered our bunk for the night. 'D' came in about 5 minutes after the counselors left and sat down on my bed because we were pretty close.

So five minutes pass, and I'm kind of horny, and I could kind of tell that 'D' was too, so I leaned over and faked-kissed him, just a joke, like when you put your hands on the other person's face and the thumbs on the lips so it just looks like you're kissing. Everybody in the bunk started laughing, so we did it again, but this time I got on top of him and pretended to kiss him, and I swear I felt his cock rubbing against mine. Well, then the counselors came back and he had to leave.

So, that night, I fell asleep and I had a dream about 'D.' I dreamed that the same situation happened, like we fake made-out on the bed. But this time, there was no one watching. So we were fake-kissing and I stuck my hand down his pants and felt around. He in turn did the same to me. He had the same cock size as I did, about 5-inches. It was so awesome to feel another guy's cock. So, I took my hands away and we started actually kissing.

That went on for a few more minutes, us just making out on my bed and feeling down eachother's pants. Then he got up, and I followed him, and he made his way into the bathroom. He stripped down, with his 5- inch cock sticking straight out and went into the shower. I also stripped down and hopped in after him. The water was nice and steamy and warm. We were standing in the shower together, our dicks bumping against eachother.

Finally, he grabbed my cock and I grabbed his, and we jerked eachother off. It was so pleasurable, hearing him moan as I was moaning myself. We finally came all over eachother and it felt so good.

Well, that's when I woke up. (You probably forgot that was all a dream, didn't you). I didn't cum in my sleep thank god or else I would have to have slept in it for like 3 more days. So I went into the stalls and jerked off for the first time in 3 weeks and it felt so good. The cum slammed onto the toilet lid (or whatever its called) and it was one of the most pleasurable jerk offs I've ever had.

Well... now I'm REALLY horny and I'm going to take a shower ;-). I hope you are satisfied with me and 'D.'



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