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Me and Colby, Part One

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This happened at the end of eighth grade. It started in math class. In that class, we sat at tables instead of desks, which encouraged talking. Lunch also happened in the middle of this class, so the teacher always allowed us some time when we got back to talk and get it out of our system before she went back to her lesson. I (Skylar) sat at a table with Colby and Stacey. Colby was always horny, and would bring up something sexual whenever he could.

One day, when we got back from lunch, Stacey stretched out when she sat down at the table. She was really tall, and accidentally kicked me in the shins when she did that. I was already sitting across from her. It didn't really hurt, but I jumped because I wasn't expecting it. She said she was sorry. And then Colby said, 'Stacey, your legs are too long, you need to get them circumcised.'

Stacey had no idea what this was, so she asked Colby. He said it was when a dude had the top of his penis cut off. Stacey giggled, but seemed shocked. 'Why would anyone do that?' she asked. Colby said he didn't know, but that sometimes babies had it done.

Being circumcised, and knowing the difference, I said, 'That's not what being circumcised is.' Colby said, 'Yeah man, it's when you have your dick head cut off.' I said it wasn't, and he asked, 'Then what is it?' He was obviously really curious about it, and I tried to tell him what it really was, but at this point, the teacher was telling us to be quiet again. I just said, 'I'll tell you at gym.'

Our very next class was gym, and it was the first warm day in spring, so the coach let us go outside, and just enjoy it. We had gym with the 10th graders, and for some reason, I was able to make friends with a group of them. They usually weren't nice to eighth graders We would sneak off behind the otherside of the stadium, because two of them smoked.

Anyway, Colby finally found me with them, and called out, 'Hey Skylar, so what were you going to tell me in class.' I tried to act like I didn't know what he was talking about, so he'd have to ask again. He must have been embarrassed to say it in front of the 10th grade guys, so he came over to me, and pulled me away. Then he said, 'You know, about circumcision.' I just laughed and said, it's when you have the extra skin around your head cut off, but everything else is still there. Then he asked me how I knew that, and I don't know why, but I told him 'Because I'm circumcised.'

Colby looked really shocked, and the first thing out of his mouth was 'Show me!'. I laughed, and said no. But then Colby said, 'I'll show you mine' and started to un-zip his pants. This made me really excited, but I didn't want anyone else to see, especially my older friends. I told him to stop really fast. Then I said if I could come over to his house after school, I'd show him. He said it would be no problem.

We took the same bus home, and Colby's was one of the first stops. When I got there I called my parents to tell them where I was. It was a small town, and everyone knew each other, so my parents never cared if I went home with someone.

When we got to Colby's house, we went up to his room to drop our stuff off. At this point, I was kind of nervous and super excited. I'd never thought about seeing another guy's penis before, but now that it was on my mind it was making me kind of horny. After we dropped our stuff off, I said, 'Do you want to do this now or what?' He said that he didn't want his little brother or mom to bother us, so we'd go out to their old barn.

By the time we got to the barn, I had probably gotten hard and soft 10 times, a mixture of horniness and nervousness. We didn't go in the barn, but we went on the side facing away from the house. Colby said that his mom wouldn't let his brother go down here, because the barn was old and dangerous, and that she would call us when it was time to eat.

I stood there for a while, not saying anything but 'ok'. Then Colby said, 'ok, are you going to show me or do you want me to go first?'. I was kind of afraid to show him, because I was really hard, but I didn't want him to think I was shy about my dick either, so I said that I would go first. Then I unzipped my pants, and took it out. I was so hard, my dick was sticking straight up in the air. I really hoped he wouldn't think it was weird. He said, 'oh man, ok. I get it now.' Then I put mine up, and said, So you're going to show me yours? Colby didn't seem shy at all, he whipped his out right away. I was relieved to see that he was hard too. His skin was still over most of his head.

I looked for a while, and just said 'cool.' Then Colby said, 'Get yours out again, I want to see them together.' So I did. We stood there for a while, just looking at each other's dicks. Then Colby asked, 'How do you jerk off?' I was embarrassed at first, because most guys at our school wouldn't admit to jerking off yet. I asked him, 'What do you mean?'. Then he said, 'I mean, you don't have skin over your head, like this.' Then he stroked his dick a few times to show me. This really turned me on more, even though I was already rock hard. I just reached down, and stroked myself a few times, and said 'basically the same.' (Just in case anyone reading this wants to know, no skin goes over my head, but I never used lube either like some guys.) Colby said, 'and that feels good?' I said, 'yeah'. Then something completely unexpected happened.

Colby asked me to stroke my dick again. So I did a few times. Then he asked, 'Can I do it?'. I asked what. He said 'I want to try to see how your dick feels different from mine.' I said ok. It was amazing when he grabbed my dick. It was the first time anyone else had ever touched it, and it felt so good. Colby said, 'Am I doing it right?' I said 'yes'. Then he pushed his hips forward and said, 'Here, try to do it to mine.' So I reached over, while he was still jerking me, and started stroking him. I remember how slick it felt. After a couple seconds of not talking, I said 'Is that the right way?'. He said, 'yeah, it feels good man. better than doing it by myself.' He laughed a little bit, and so did I.

It was kind of awkward holding our pants up and trying to jerk each other off, which Colby must have noticed, because he said 'Let's just get naked, it'll be easier.' I suggested we go in the barn, but he promised me no one would see us, so I did what he said and took all my clothes off. Colby and I were both slender with brown hair, neither of us had any chest hair at the time, and he was a little taller than me. Our dicks were the same size.

Without saying anything else, we went back to jerking each other off. Not too long after that, Colby said he was going to cum. He turned away from me, and I let go of his dick. He started stroking himself, and came on the wall of the barn. I turned towards the barn too, about to cum, but as soon as he finished, Colby turned to me, and grabbed my balls. He said, 'My cousin and I do this sometimes.' It felt so good, and I could feel Colby's dick against my hip, still hard. It didn't take me long, and I started shooting all over the place.

We got dressed, and went back up to his house for dinner and video games. We got into more stuff that night, but I'll save it for part two.



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