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Me and Bf

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This happened when my boyfriend and I had been dating a little less than two months, we were both 15 at the time.

We really hadn't done much from a sexual standpoint when this happened. We'd been dating only a little while and even though I was really liking him I kept our touching and stuff to just making out and touching over our clothes. I wanted to do more but wasn't sure if I should really start letting it happen as I wasn't ready to have full on sex and didn't want to get into stuff that I'd regret later. I used to get really turned on from our making out though and after Glen would leave my house I'd be in my room masturbating in no time.

Anyway, one night we were home alone at my house just watching tv and playing on my laptop in our family room. What I forgot was to delete my history and stuff before I opened my laptop and while we were looking stuff up on the internet he came across my history and the bunch of Solo Touch hits I went to. OMG I almost died. I was soooo embarrassed. At first I didn't know what to do and he started asking me what Solo Touch was all about. I grabbed my laptop and shut it and was sitting there trying to think up what to say. Anyway, I just decided to tell the truth and said ok, yea it's this site that talks about masturbating and stuff and yea I do go there and read some stories sometimes.

Now granted, we had never even talked about sex or anything yet and here I am having to be first one to admit to masturbating. I was so embarrassed. He got so into asking me questions and I was so nervous about all of it I was shaking. Do you really masturbate a lot? Why didn't you tell me? And I'm thinking omg I can't believe we're having this conversation. So I asked him if he did much and he's like well yea so do I. I need to, you know. It's so cool that you do it too. I was relieved but still pretty embarrassed. Anyway he asked if we could check out the website and I really didn't want to at first with him there but like figured he's gonna go home and check it out anyway, so we ended up opening up my laptop and going to Solo Touch. While we were reading some of the stories we basically started sharing about our own masturbating and stuff and we really told each other just about everything. I couldn't believe it...here I am telling him that I masturbate like just about every day (and so does he of course).

After all the talk I know we were both horny as hell and he finally said hey I know that we haven't done anything yet since we started dating and basically we both admitted that after our dates we both go home and masturbate like crazy lol. He said I know you don't want to get into full on sex and stuff but like what if we just started like masturbating together. God, I couldn't believe it. I must have been like beet red. I didn't know what to say. I was so needing to get off right there but I still told him that I don't know if I can do it in front of anybody do you think you can? He's like oh yea I know I can, you don't think you can? I said well I definitely would love to see you jerk off but I don't know if I can get off with you watching.....but I guess we can try. I can't believe I said it. At this point we hadn't seen each other naked at all, he hadn't even seen my boobs, let alone watch me masturbate.

So we started making out and talking about how we should do it for our first time. We were both getting really horny but still pretty nervous too. We started taking off our clothes and really just enjoying being naked and checking each other out. Little by little we got more comfortable (and majorly horney) and we both just started masturbating and watching each other. It was so hot!! Both of us came in like a minute I think. It was definitely the best cum I've ever had. I didn't think I would ever be so comfortable naked with someone but boy did that change. Now we do it every chance we get. Mostly when no one's home after school at his or my house we'll start making out, get naked, and just have the best time watching each other get off. We love it. I wonder if there are other couples out there who enjoy masturbating together instead of sex? It's so much safer than worrying about getting pregnant and it's SO HOT!



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