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Me and Ben

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This is a true story. When I was growing up there were a lot of young boys in my neighborhood and most of who were athletic playing sports in Jr. high and high school.

I ran track and wrestled. There was a boy named Ben that was a year or two younger and we all knew that he was a little different. He would be adamant that he was not gay but we knew different. Ben never played any sports but he said that he wanted to be a sports trainer when he grew up. After school he would come over to my house to help me stretch after practice and would even offer to give me a back and leg rub with icy hot. I turned him down a few times then decided that if he could keep his mouth shut I would let him and he agreed.

I had on a t-shirt and coaches shorts with tighty whities and he wore pretty much the same. I would lie on my back while he would grab my ankle and lift it high in the air to stretch my leg muscle. He would first lift it high and then to the side spreading my legs apart. I was not surprised at all when I saw him looking in to the leg of my shorts trying to see my crotch. I was a little nervous but I didn't stop him. After a while I rolled over on my back and he began to rub my legs and he worked all the way up to my butt and crotch. The back of his hand brushed against my balls and I got very turned on. I hid my hard dick pretty well with the tight underwear. That was pretty much it for that night but over the next couple of days I couldn't get this off my mind and I came up with a different plan for his next visit. I thought if he likes this sort of thing why not just let him have some fun. Truth be told I liked this sort of thing too.

His next visit was going to be around four 4:30pm so I quickly get out of my school clothes and put on some very short but loose running shorts with no underwear and a tank top.

He came into my room and said he had some new techniques that he wanted to try. I laid on the floor on my back like before and he lifted my leg and pulled it to the side as far as he could. I had an extra t-shirt balled up on my face to keep the light out of my eyes but I was peeking under it to see what he was doing. He was looking directly at my seven inch dick with his face only inches away from it. I could actually feel his breath on my balls and this made me glass cutter hard in seconds. I panicked a bit and rolled over on my belly and told him to work on my back. He started at my feet and quickly worked his way up to my butt. He asked me if I wanted my butt massaged and assured me that I would like it. I said sure but you better keep you mouth shut. I knew that he wouldn't tell anyone for the fear that they would beat him up and he knew that I would.

He began to squeeze my cheeks and knead them like dough. He took it upon himself to pull my shorts down just a little to where the top of my crack showed. He said that it would feel a lot better if I would pull them down a bit more so I pulled my shorts down to expose my entire ass. He started squeezing and rubbing very hard and the next thing I know my shorts are down to my feet. He said, 'Hell might as well take them off alltogether,' so I let them fall all the way off. I couldn't see him now but I felt his warm breath again. He was spreading my cheeks wide and I knew that he was looking at my anus. He cupped my balls in his hand and I went nuts. I rolled over with my giant hard on and said 'Rub my dick man, I know that you want to and I want you too.'

He took my dick in his hand very softly and studied it with his face so close that it actually touched his cheek a couple of times. I said 'Do it, do it now.' He wrapped his hand around it and squeezed it so hard that it hurt a little and started to pump. I am leaking big time now and he picked up the pace until his hand was a blur. Squeezing my big balls with one hand and milking my cock with the other. I told him you better watch out I am going to squirt very soon. I noticed that my balls were not getting any attention now and looked to see what was going on. His shorts were gone and he was jacking his dick just as fast as he was jacking mine. I couldn't hold back. I shot a giant puddle of cum all over my belly and it collected in my belly button. He pulled his dick close to me and shot his load into the same puddle. I have never had so much cum on me in my life and I loved it.

We just laid there catching our breath then I sat up and the cum ran down to my dick separating into two streams that ran down on both sides of my cock down over my anus. I was covered in warm cum. This of course led to other things that I will write about soon.



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