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Maturbation is Contagious!!

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Once I started I couldn't stop!!


I can remember my first time was around age 11 or 12. My cousin whom we will call Jim (13-14 at the time) was staying the night at my house for a sleep over. When the time came to go to bed we decided to sleep in the family room. He slept on the couch bed and I slept on the other part of the sectional couch. Of course we stayed up for a little while to watch TV, until we go tired enough to sleep. After about 10 minutes of trying to fall asleep I began to feel the couch shake a bit. He must have though I had fallen asleep already because when I asked him what he was doing, he came to a quick stop, kind of stuttered and then told me he had an itch on his hips. I though that was rather strange and began to think about it as he started up again. I looked over and I saw that he had the sheets tented up over the area near his hips with one hand and seemed to be doing a constant up and down motion with his other. Somehow, after seeing that I knew he must be doing something with his privates. So out of curiosity I began to try it myself, but much, much slower so he wouldn't notice me like I had noticed him. Ironically, I already had a hard on, which wasn't unusual at that age because I would always and still to this day get spontaneous hard-ons. So I started moving my hand up and down slowly. At first I wondered what the big deal was-it didn't seem to feel any different than when I would dry it off in the shower. But after a minute or so it began to feel really, really, really good. I was scared at what might happen but it felt too good to stop. It was like entering a whole other world that once you start you can never stop. Then I started to get the feeling that I had to pee. But I was in the process of converting into a life-long masturbator so I couldn't stop now. Finally, I came and cum went all over my blanket. I was so exhausted and relieved that I fell right to sleep.
The next night, just before going to bed, I began to felt temped to do it again. Out of guilt I didn't want to but, after not being able to sleep for a while and having time to think about it, I ended up doing it again. After I was done, I had realized that a new part of my body had taken control and I had become a masturbator.



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