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Matt and I

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Before the story I just want to say that I'm not going to lie about my sexuality, I am completely gay, I even have a boyfriend and love it!


This was the first of many gay experiences I've had and I will never forget it. One Saturday I went over to my friend Matt's for a sleepover. We knew each other from our school swimming squad so I've seen him in speedos plenty of times. He's been swimming about two years longer than me so his abs are a bit bigger and better. He's got blonde spike hair and very light freckles around his nose.

Anyway, for the first two or so hours that I was over we just went on the computer and joked around. We went up to his room to set up the spare bed in his room. His mom yelled out that she had to run out to the store and that she would be about an hour. "Okay, mom, we'll be fine," he yelled back in his hot deep voice. After we heard the front shut behind her it became kind of awkward, I just stared at his bare feet while his eyes bore into my head. I stood up quickly, "So, what do you want to do?" I asked looking for a distraction. Matt stood up more slowly, "I've got a few ideas..." he said, standing a little to close for comfort. He was about 2cm taller than me. My heart was pounding like crazy, I'd jacked off thinking about this guy's hot abs countless times yet when here he was, breathing heavily right onto my face and I couldn't move.

"Like what?" I asked stupidly. Matt moved even closer so our chests were touching. Now that I could feel his chest moving deeply in and out against mine, I realised he was just as nervous as me. Now that I knew that I gained a little confidence. I leaned closer and began to kiss him. Now, I've kissed plenty of girls at school dances and stuff before, but all that was thrown out the window when I kissed Matt. He grabbed either side of my face with his huge hands and held our faces together. He kissed me so hard, like he couldn't get our lips close enough. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and he did the same to me. He ripped our faces apart and gave me a huge sly grin and I couldn't help but smile back. He then turned his head to the side and began to give me a hickey. I made a small grunt of pleasure and I felt him smile on my neck.

By this stage my hard dick was pulsating in my baggy shorts. He walked back over to his bed while I stood in the centre of the room still a bit shocked that he liked me the way I liked him. Then I realised he was taking his top off. No-Way. He was actually undressing in front of me! His beautiful back muscles rippled as he tugged his shirt over his head. He then slowly undid his belt buckle and let his pants drop to the floor. He was wearing satin boxers, the kind I knew felt great when you wanked in them. He'd stopped there. I got the idea---he wanted help.

I whipped off my shirt and pants and walked over to him. I slipped my right hand into his boxers and rested it on his thigh. I caressed his back and shoulder with my lips and breathed heavily. He shuddered with glee as I run my left hand up his side and placed it on his peck. I continued to kiss his back and began to play with his nipple and rub his soft thigh. There was now a patch of pre-cum on my white underpants, I didn't want to show him my erection until I was sure he had one too. My question was soon answered. He turned showing me his amazing abs, and a big tent inside his satin boxers that tipped with a little wet patch. He wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me against his chest.

Our dicks were now vertical, pushing against each other. Matt kissed me again, more gently this time, but it must have lasted at least five minutes. I decided to take control. I slipped my hands under his armpits, running my fingers through his lush hair, and then ran them down his chest to his hips. I then began to crouch. My mouth moved down to his left tit which I began to kiss, lick and suck. He made a little moan and I then began to kiss my way down his abs and past his belly button stopping at the edge of his boxers. I put my fingers into his pants and slowly pulled. He had light brown pubes, and a lot of them. The shaft of his penis became embedded in the pubes which also caused his balls to push out; they were beautiful round things about the same size as mine. Then I reached the end, his 7 incher flung up and slapped his chest. He was uncut.

It took me by surprise only because I too am uncut, but in all the gay porn I'd seen most of the men were cut. I didn't stay shocked for long though, I let his boxers drop and he stepped out of them. His nice round bulb was now pressing against my lips, I couldn't wait any more I put my mouth as far over his smooth cock as I could. His pre-cum lubricated the back of my tongue. I began to pump away. Matt put his hand through my hair and helped me pump. I moved my tongue under his foreskin which he must have liked because he started to moan. He pulled my head away his cock, "I don't want to cum yet," Matt whispered in my ear.

Matt knelt next to me and began to kiss me again. He grabbed my shoulders and gently lay me on the ground. He ran his big hands down my chest to my crotch. He began to lightly bite my still covered dick and I began to run my hands through his hair. He pulled down my underpants and began to suck on my balls. I began to moan as he started to wank me as well. I knew I would cum soon and I didn't want to without feeling him up a bit more. "Stop," I said, "I don't want to cum yet..." He smiled as I repeated his words. Matt helped me to my feet and we walked to his door.

He stuck his head out just in case his mom had got back without us realising, but the house was still empty. "Come on," he said, grabbing my hand and pulling across the hall. He opened the door to the bathroom. He left the door open. I sat on the cupboard/sink as Matt turn the shower on. It felt awesome with the door open; jacking in an open area is always exciting. Matt knelt in front of me and began to suck my dick lightly as I wrapped my legs around his neck. Once the shower heated up we climbed in and locked our bodies together under the hot water. I poured some body wash into my hands and began to lather up our chests and his back.

We grabbed each others still-hard dicks with soapy hands and began to jack while we continued to kiss. I pulled out the removable shower head and ran it over Matt's tits. I'd tried this before and knew it felt great, so I aimed it at his crotch and he began to twitch. "Oh my God..." murmured Matt, closing his eyes. I put the shower head back and began to wank Matt as hard I could. "I'm gonna' cum!" Matt warned me. With that I put my hand on his balls and my mouth on his dick. Within a few seconds Matt shot about five globs of thick, delicious cum into my mouth as I continued to suckle at his increasingly soft penis.

Matt pulled me up off the ground and continued on the hickey he'd started earlier. We climbed out together and Matt laid himself out on the floor and I sat on his chest. "Better finish yourself off," Matt said with a smile. I grinned and wanked myself until I shot my load all over his chest and face. Matt began to lick my cum off his face while I licked the all the cum off his sweaty abs. "We should do this more often." Matt said and we both laughed. We sure did do it more often. Thanks and happy wanking guys. ; P



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