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Math Tutor

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Bad grades in Algebra added up to an awesome experience


I had an F on my midterm report for Algebra in the ninth grade. My teacher gave my Mom the name of a tutor. The tutors name was Leslie. I had never met Leslie and I was really nervous about spending alone time with a girl. I must admit that I had dreams of what it would be like and it really got my blood to flowing' if you know what I mean.

Imagine my surprise when Leslie turned out to be a guy. He came to my house to tutor me, but it was noisy with my little brother and baby sister running about. Leslie asked if the next session could be at his house. She was charmed by him so two days later, she dropped me off at his house. He came to the door in a t-shirt and sweat shorts. He stood 6 ft tall and anyone could tell that he worked out. He was a senior and I was a junior so I had never seen him. He had blond hair and a killer smile. I on the other hand was skinny, stood 5-6 and was extremely out of shape and very shy. He was very nice to me.

When we got to the basement where we were studying, I noticed his work out equipment. I was very curious about it. He told me that if I did good on an upcoming test, he would teach me how to use it. Fast forward two weeks. I made a B. After our math lesson, he reminded me of his promise. He showed me how to use the bench press. He was not a beefy guy, but he looked real good. I took my shirt off and started lifting and wasp doing pretty good. He told me the next time to wear shorts and I could use the leg weights. On the next session, I had forgotten my shorts. He told me that he normally worked out in his underwear and that if I did not mind, we could work out in ours. I was hesitant, but after he stripped down to his, I followed. He was a boxer guy and I was wearing white briefs and fit rather loose. We went through the bench weights and then he demonstrated the leg weights. As he was showing me how to do it, his dick fell out of his shorts. He did not seem to notice but I did. It was hard to pay attention. I was captivated. He was not circumcised and I was.

When he saw me looking, he just said, "Dude, haven't you seen a dick before". I said "not like that". He just laughed a little and said it was my turn. I started lifting and was doing good. He put on more weight and I guess I was going too fast. I pulled something in my lower leg. It really hurt. He gave me some lotion to put on it and told me that it would help. It did. I found out that it happens to the football players all the time and that he did massages for the football and basketball teams. He was going to be a physical therapist. I told him he could practice on me sometime. I really did not mean anything by it, but he said that he could give me a massage right then. I said sure why not.

He pulled out a table and set it up. He told me I could get on it. When I got on it, he laughed and said that the players usually do not get massages in their underwear. I offered to put on my clothes and again he laughs. He told me that the best massages were done in the nude.. He told me I would be under a towel, so I agreed. I covered with the towel and pulled off my briefs. He told me to lay on my stomach and I did. He started on my neck and work his way down. When he got to my butt, he pulled the towel down about halfway. I was so excited and scared. I know I started growing. Then he worked from my feet to my thighs. Once again when he got to my butt, he pulled the towel half way up the other way. He stared to massage my butt and I guess I cringed cause he said sorry and stopped. I told him that it was ok, I just wasn't expecting it. He finished there and told me to turn over. I was reluctant because I was rock hard. I had a large dick that almost reached my belly button. He knew what was wrong and told me it was natural and happened to the players all the time.

So I turned over still covered. He started on my chest and arms then started on my sides and stomach. I was so horny I was dripping and you could see it on the towel. He said not to worry that he could fix that. He went back down to my feet and started up again. I was so busy thinking about what he meant by fixing it. Was he going to get me another towel or what? When he got to my thighs, he brushed up against my balls a couple of times. Then he looked at me and asked if he could remove the towel and finish me up. I was nervous and he could tell. He said watch this and he lowered his boxers. He was standing there with a woody. I moved my hand so he could take the towel. He did and then he grabbed my dick and started jacking me. It only took about ten strokes and I was done.

It was so intense and my belly was filled with my cum. He climbed up on the table and asked if I mind if he finished himself on me. I said I didn't and he stroked himself till he came all over me. It was awkward for me after that and he seemed to understand. I wished I could go back and let him know just how much I would love to do that again. He is in college on the other side of the country. And I really get math now!



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