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Masturbation Without Hands

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I have a 35 year old niece who is one hot woman. Actually she is my wife's niece but Darla and I have always been close. I first took notice of her when she was about 14 years old. I knew then she was going to be something special. She was hot even then but I would not dare touch her because of her age. One day after Darla turned 18 I decided to see what she would do if I got a feel of her tits. The opportunity presented itself and I reached over and put my hand on one of her tits and squeezed it. All she did was look up at me and smile. Just as I thought, she liked it.

After that I decided to take things a little farther. One day she and I were in the car together and she moved over and sat close to me. When she did I put my right arm around her and let it fall on her tit. Again she didn't say anything so I moved my hand inside her blouse and under her bra. She was almost 19 at the time. To my surprise she put her hand between my legs and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I figured it was time for all or nothing so I found a place where we could park and would not be found.

After I cut the motor off I turned to her and put both arms around her and started kissing her. She kissed back. It didn't take long until Darla was breathing heavy. I broke our kiss and started removing her blouse and bra. She helped me. I sucked on her small but beautiful tits for a little bit and then made my move South. My hand went between her legs and to her panty covered pussy. I could feel the wetness through her panties. I pulled the crotch aside and stuck two fingers in her hot young pussy. It was then that Darla told me she did not feel right about fucking me because I was married to her aunt. But, she said, there are other ways.

When she said that she started unbuckelling my belt and unzipped my pants. Once my dick was out and she played with it for a few minutes, I pushed her back and went for her pussy. Every time I would stick my fingers in her pussy I could feel her pussy working on my fingers, squeezing them and milking them. That day will go down in my book as some of the hottest sex I have ever had and there was never any intercourse.

Of course that was over 15 years ago and Darla has long since gotten over her feelings about having intercourse with her uncle.

There is something that Darla dearly used to love to do and I wanted to share it with you. The best way to describe it is to say that she masturbates me with her pussy. It's not what I consider intercourse because I never penetrate her.

We both get totally naked and get in bed. We start out by kissing and feeling each other. After we get really worked up she will straddle my body and start rubbing her pussy on me. She will rub it all over my chest and even my face. She leaves traces of pussy juice on me as she rubs against me. After we both get to the point that we are about to cum she will get down over my dick and push my dick up flat on my stomach. She then starts rubbing her pussy on the underside of my dick, up and down. Her pussy will rub my dick from my balls up to the head. Of course this is feeling great to me and the fact that my dick is rubbing her clit, it feels good to Darla. It doesn't take long until my dick and stomach around it is soaking wet with her pussy juice. Sometimes Darla will have an orgasm and when she does she creams all over my dick. Generally when she has an orgasm this pushes me over the top and I cum all over her bottom.

I call it masturbation without hands. One or two orgasms is never enough for Darla. She can cum six, eight, ten times before she is satisfied sexually.

Darla is the first and only woman who has ever done this to me. And when she is doing it she is looking down at me smiling and blowing me kisses. You can tell in her eyes that she is loving it.

Darla has had boyfriends and was married for a couple of years but she has always found time for me in her life. She loves her uncle unconditionally.



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