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Masturbation With Unexpected Friends

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It all happened about a two or three weeks ago, I was in school and was asked by teacher to go and collect some books from a store room in another class room. She gave me her keys and I went to the other class room and walked in, the books I needed were in the store, I opened the store room door and I was amazed to see three boys from my year in the room, they all had there pants down and were wanking off each other, I was shocked and closed the door straight away. As soon as the door was closed one the guys Megan came out and grabbed my arm. He dragged me back into the room and they all started to talk to me. They had asked whether I had masturbated before and I said yes, because I have, they then asked had I masturbated with another guy before, and I said no, they then said do I want to, I said no straight away and started to walk away again. When Tom the other guy said to me, do I wanna masturbate with them, I said no because I am not gay.

They went on to tell me that if I masturbated with them then I would not be gay because we are not to have intercourse. I said I would think about it. But later on that day at lunch I was waiting in the queue, when I felt something behind me, it was Megan, he pinched my ass and winked at me, at that point I got a hard on and he noticed, he said to me I can relieve you of that if you want, I said to him if I masturbate with you guys, I am not gay, right? he said no and told me to come to his house after school.

After school I was on my way to Megan's house, when I stopped and had second thoughts about it all, when again Megan came up from behind and touched my ass, he was with Tom and Daniel, we started to carry on walking and we soon reached his house. Megan told me to wait outside, so he could go and check when his parents would be back, he came out and told us we had all night as they have gone to a work party and would not be back to the early hours of the morning.

We all went upstairs and went into Megan's bedroom as we walked in, I was stunned at all the posters he had, he had naked women, some fingering themselves and some fucking other men. He told me and the other guys to take off our clothes, I was a bit nervous as I had never seen another guy naked before, I was the last one to take off my clothes and when I had taken off everything except my boxers, Tom came up to me and pulled then down, and looked at my penis, he said it was good and by this time I was fully hard and all the others were hard.

Megan told me to lay down on the bed, which I did, he then took his hands around my cock and started to rub up and down getting harder and harder each time. I was about to cum and he told me to hold it in, while he was rubbing my cock, Tom and Daniel were wanking next to me, and suddenly I felt something on my stomach and when I looked Tom and Daniel had cummed over me as I saw that I cummed all over Megan's penis. Tom and Daniel rubbed their cum in on my stomach.

After that we all had fun with each others cocks by wanking them over and over again. We had a lot of fun that night and I had made some new friends which I thought I would never make. From that night every week on a Friday we would go to each others houses and do the same. It was the most pleasure I had in my life.



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