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Masturbation With Plimsoll Fetish

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I've liked wearing plimsolls for as long as I can remember. My all-time favourites are Oxford white lace-ups. As I got older they became a real turn-on and as I discovered the pleasure of masturbation it was natural to combine the two. Here's what I do.

First, I strip off and then put on a g-string, over which I put on a pair of tight little lycra swimming trunks.

Next, I put on a pair of white ankle socks and carefully turn down the tops so they're really neat and snug around my ankles. I love the shape of my feet in them and they feel especially nice when they're brand new and I'm putting them on for the first time.

Then I carefully ease my feet into a pair of clean white plimsolls, taking care that the tongue is nice and flat on the top of my foot before I tighten up the laces, which I do up as tightly as possible, finishing with a neat double bow. One of the greatest pleasures I know is the feel of putting my feet into a brand new pair of white plimsolls.

If this is starting to sound too much like a foot fetish fantasy, here's where the masturbation part begins.

I lie down on my back with my legs apart and the soles of my plimsolled feet flat on the surface and begin to rub myself with the palm of my hand. The act of putting on my plimsolls has already given me a big erection which feels really nice through the swimming trunks and g-string underneath.

After a while, still lying flat on my back, I slide off the trunks and feel myself some more with my palm through the g-string, which feels even nicer. I then remove the g-string.

Still lying down, I next tie up my penis and scrotum with a white plimsoll lace, which is long enough and has just the right amount of 'give' for the purpose. To do this I place the centre of the lace on the bottom of the base of my erect penis, take both ends of the lace up to the top and down again twice. Then from the front of my scrotum to the back twice. Finishing at the back of my scrotum with a little knot and bow.

Then, I smooth some suitable lubricant, such as vaseline, olive oil or aquaeous cream, onto the head of my penis, which by now is really swollen and sensitive. Then, slowly and gently at first then gradually increasing the intensity, I pump my penis with one hand and gently fondle and squeeze my balls with the other.

The benefits of tying up my genitalia beforehand are that now my balls are squeezed outwards and they look and feel really round and swollen and also it takes much longer to come and when I do the feeling is much more intense. As I do, I lift my legs into the air and the sight of my feet in cool, clean white plimsolls and ankle socks gives extra pleasure to my climax.

I also use this technique together with my ballet fetish. It's just as much fun with a lycra leotard over a g-string and ballet slippers with white ankle socks.



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