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Masturbation With My Ex's Parents

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This experience just blew my mind.


I'm a once divorced (and now remarried) guy who has a bi side. I love Adult Bookstores and stroking with men and sometimes stroking them too. When I was married the first time, her parents had to move down to a nearby state for work. My company also owned an office near where they lived.

About a year after the divorce, I had to go down to the office for work. I always liked exploring local ABS' when traveling. I went out one night, headed to an ABS I read about on the Internet. As I drove down the main highway it was on, I noted that I drove right past a road I used to take to get to the ex-in-laws' house.

While they were an attractive looking couple, she was a bit frumpy with big tits and he had a gut from beer drinking.

I got some singles and headed into the back to the booths. It was a small shop, but had a fair amount of booths. I scouted out the booths with Glory Holes and then settled into one without to do some solo stroking.

There were a few other patrons but nobody milling around. I heard a few more entrants and decided to wander a bit to see what the prospects were.

I saw two people duck into one of the GH booths and I made a beeline for one of the adjoining ones.

I fed some bills and settled in a bit. Then peeked through the hole to see what I could. I saw a chubby lady with her pants to her knees and fondling her pussy, while jerking the man's extremely large cock. This thing was a monster, it was half hard and must have been almost 8' or so.

I was sporting a rock hard 6.5', excited at the prospect of watching a good show at least. But I really wanted to get my hands on that cock and pussy.

After a few minutes they realized that someone was watching. She stepped closer to the hole and stroked the edge. I knew this signal and I stuck my cock through the hole. Her soft hand brushed my cock head and it was enough to not cum right there. Then I felt his hand grasp me and he rubbed his cock against mine. It felt amazing to feel his large hardon rub mine.

I pulled my cock back, not wanting to cum until I had a chance to stroke that hefty meat. I stroked the hole edge and she stuck his cock through. It had grown to it's full 9' and barely fit through the modest hole.

I got down even with it and stroked it, smelling the mustiness of aroused cock and a hint of pussy juice. After a few minutes, and to my dismay, he pulled it back through. Then I heard her whisper,'meet us in the large booth in the back.'

I heard their clothes rustle as I packed myself back into my pants and hastened to the back booth which was larger than the others. As I lightly knocked, the door pushed open and I was staring my ex-wife's parents in the face.

After the initial shock and some stammering, I entered the booth and shut the door. We quietly chatted for a few minutes, getting info on how long each had been visiting places like this and doing this kind of thing.

Eventually we all agreed that we had already seen each others naughty parts and we were both there for the same reason. No reason to stop the party now.

'Dad' dropped his pants and let that large cock flop out. It had deflated from the situation, as had I, but it was still an impressive size when soft.

I dropped my pants and reached over to start stroking him. It took 'Mom' a few minutes to get turned on enough to drop her pants and start stroking her clit again. She also reached over and stroked my hardening cock. I returned the favor by lifting her shirt and bra and fondling those big tits of hers. I realized that some of her frumpiness was caused by the loose tops she wore to hide her large breasts. She really wasn't that bad. Her breasts were large and hung some, with nice large nipples at the end.

I got down on my knees and watched closely as she played with herself, spreading her pussy open. And I watched closely as my hand slid up and down his large shaft.

His cockhead started to get larger and he moaned that he was getting close. I pointed his cock at her pussy and stroked him, watching from inches away as his load spilled out onto her lips and the floor. Her hand furiously rubbed her sweet spot but she said she wanted my cum on there before she could get off.

I stood up and he grasped me from behind, pressing his deflating meat between my cheeks, cum still dripping from his head, smearing my ass.

I played with her tits and she thrust her pussy towards me, begging me to cum on her. He obviously knew how to handle a dick other than his own and soon I was blasting a few ropes all over her hand and slit. She gave up holding back at this point and leaned back against the wall as waves of orgasm racked her chubby body.

We were all sweating a bit, even in the larger booth it got pretty warm with three aroused bodies.

In those few moments, the three of us had crossed a barrier and opened up the door to even more fun. They invited me back to their place and I accepted. We had all kinds of fun back there, in places their daughter and I occupied over a year before. The taboo-ish quality turning us all on even more.



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