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Masturbation Vacation

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This is a tremendous site. I have been thoroughly entertained by its many authors, and hope to continue to see more from our female participants. This is in the FM category, as it is directly related to the masturbation habits of my wife. I have not seen any stories similiar to this, so I am curious if anyone has a similair situation.


A little background on my wife. She is a professional woman in her late thirties. She is highly educated, hard working and a wonderful mother. She is a pretty brunette, with womanly curves. She has fabulous breasts, with large and sensitive areola. She keeps her pussy closely trimmed as she likes the way it looks and feels in that state. Oh, and one more thing she is highly orgasmic.

We have a satisfying sex life and to the best of my knowledge she masturbates only once or twice a week. From what I can tell, she usually masturbates with her trusty Magic Wand, that she says always produces a quick and intense orgasm. Though here is where is the story turns a little intriguing. Every two to three months she will go on a little overnight masturbation vacation. She stays at a local hotel and has a chance to completely relax without any chance of interuption from me or the kids. I believe she deserves the break from her daily busy life, so I encourage her to take this little break. She has told me that it is a great place to relax and be uninhibited.

This is where she currently is as I write this. My wife has incredible orgasms while mastubating and I am curious why she does not masturbate more often. On this current vacation I noticed that she has brought with her, her two dildos, one for her mouth and one for her pussy. The dildo is approximately seven inches in circumference with about eight inches of insertable length. She brought her Magic Wand. She also brought another large dildo, a model that is seven and a half inches round and has an insertable length of over nine inches, and had a very large, pronounced cock head. She says she rarely ever uses this, though she says she likes the idea that it is there in case she gets extra horny and wants to fuck something extra large.

She has moved up the size of her dildos over the years as she loves the sight and feel of a large vibrating cock inside her. She has said she loves the feeling of the dildos large cock head stretching her vaginal lips as it enters her. I have seen her orgasm almost instantly after only two inches of one of her large dildos have entered her. It is amazing to see her still tight vagina accommodate almost the entire length of one of her bigger dildos.

She does not like to talk much about her masturbation escapades as she believe it is a private matter for only her to know about. The following is what she says is a typical over night with her toys: She arrives at the hotel and gets comfortable in her room. She takes her toys out of her suitcase and plugs in her Magic Wand next to the bed. She changes into a satin slip that gives her easy access to her breasts and beautiful pussy. She of course wears no panties. She sometimes warms up with her Magic Wand to get her pussy nice and lubricated, as she says the more orgasms she has the wetter she gets.

After a few orgasms her pussy starts to ache for penetration. She takes her incredibly realistic dildo and slowly slips it in her mouth to get it nice and wet and ready for penetration. She pretends it is a real cock that she is giving head to, and she is getting it hard and ready to fuck her sweet, tight pussy. She actually learned how to deep throat a penis by practicing on her dildos in this way. She swirls her tongue around its large bulbous head as her pussy instinctively gets wetter, knowing what is about to come. She then removes the dildo from her mouth, and it glimmers with her saliva.

She spreads her legs wide and puts the head of the large dildo at the entrance of her vagina. Before she slides it in, she uses the wetness of her pussy to coat the tip of the imitation cock and the slides it up and down her swollen clitoris. At this point she cannot take it anymore. She lowers the head of the dildo to the opening of her pussy and begins to push. She says there is always some resistance as it is such as big cock toy, even though she has had masturbatory intercourse with its mighty form many times before.

She starts to orgasm quickly after if has started to penetrate her increasingly wet pussy. She continues to take the dildo inch by inch as it stretches her inner folds to the maximum. After she feels the head of the dildo tuck just past her cervix at the deepest reaches of her pussy she starts a slow, rythmic fucking motion with the dildo and quickly starts to orgasm again. She loves to watch and see how much of the artificial cock she is able to take. At this point there is usually an inch or less of the shaft that is left outside of her pussy. She then says she likes to get into a realistic fucking motion with the dildo, as she likes to close her eyes and imagine that she is fucking a real huge thick cock like the ones she sees in some of her magazines. At this point she also likes to raise one of her breasts to her mouth and suck on her nipple in rhythm to her masturbation. Or she may take her other dildo in her mouth. Both of these techniques intensifies her orgasms. She has said that she will masturbate in this fashion for up to an hour before she is exhausted and spent from orgasms.

She has said that after her first masturbation session she will drift off to sleep sometimes with her dildo nestled inside of her. She has said there have been times that she has woken up with the dildo still inside her throbbing pussy and has started to masturbate again as she is waking up and starting the whole process over again.

She describes that there are times that she removes her dildo and puts in on the pillow next her. When she wakes up she sees her substitute lover lying on the pillow, and it turns her on so much, she just has to have it again.

She says that she usually has about four or five rounds with her toys in a 24 hour period and then leaves for home, extremely sexually satified.

Ok, here is the question. Please, please tell me ladies if you do anything similar to this. Or gentlemen if you have any similiar experiences of this type with your wife or girlfriend.




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