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Masturbation Party

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masturbation party
When i was 15, and just in my first year of high school, i was invited to a party. I heard rumors about it, like that there would be people having sex everywhere, to rumors that it would be a gay party. But i asked a few guys, and they said not to worry, just come.
So i got there. It was all guys, about fifty to seventy-five guys. I got some food, and was about to go sit down and watch tv, when i walked into the main room, and found every body naked or taking their clothes off? i asked what was happening. They said it is time to start jacking off! I didnt know if they were joking, but soon i was the last dressed,so i took my clothes off! It was quite a sight, seeing so many hard cocks around. Guys started to jack each other off. Then someone grabbed my cock, and started stroking it. It felt good. So i did his, and we just jacked off for a while. I could hear tons of people stroking peoples cocks, the room was filled with the noise. Moans and grunts were also heard everywhere. Then the guy shot a load of cum on my chest, and it got me off faster, and i shot cum on him.
I took a few minutes to get hard again, but jacked another guy off, then another. I liked to watch them shoot cum, and i was more interested in getting coated in their semen than shooting my own. I began to give blow jobs, and more and more guys started sucking dicks also. I liked the salty taste of the cum. I needed a break, and laid on the couch, watching the action. It was so erotic. Then, in the corner, i saw two guys fucking each other! i was startled, i didnt know if i wanted to do that, it might hurt! But then a guy got on top of me, and pushed his dick to my ass. I turned around, shocked. He was grinning. He had a big cock, and i was scared. But he thrusted in with a few quick pushes, and started to fuck me. Every time he fucked me, i liked it more and more. Soon, i noticed my hips bucking and bouncing to match his thrusts. I was on my hands on knees, my eyes shut, loving it. A guy walked up to me, and put his dick in my mouth, and i sucked him. Him and the other guy fucked me at a pace, when one had his dick in me, the others would come out, and as it rammed in, the other would come out. I noticed a few people watching us. It was a big turn on. My dick was rock hard, and it was slapping my stomach with every thrust into my ass.
'I'm cumming!' He yelled, as i felt my ass filled with warm semen. Then the other guy shot a stream down into my stomach. I laid there, fufilled, as another guy finished me off. I was covered and filled with cum. It felt great. The rest of the night, i jacked of with more guys, and even ass fucked a few more. My favorite thing to do was to let a black kid fuck me. Their dicks were huge, and one with a 9 to 10 incher fucked me a few times, and i sucked some of them too. It was the greatest party ever. I've been to a few similar ones, and me and my best friend jack off toghether, and do stuff, but thats it. I like to fuck, thats it. I fuck anything. My hand, other hands, asses, pussies, my sisters mattress, peoples mouths, and more. It's great



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