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Masturbation Party

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Back when my wife and I were in our early 40's we were invited to a friends house one Saturday night for a party. We were told there would be drinks and finger food and that they were inviting several couples, most of whom we did not know. We were also told that there would be a surprise.

We showed up on time and eventually there were 12 couples, including ourselves, ranging in ages from early 20's to early 50's.

After everyone arrived and had a chance to meet everyone, the host of the party asked everyone to take a seat. The couple who was hosting the party told us that they were going to reveal the surprise. They talked about nudity and the fact that they often went nude around the house when no one was there. They asked if anyone else did that. Almost everyone raised their hands. The hosts also said if nudity made anyone uncomfortable that they were free to leave. I think everyone else was like me, they wanted to stay and see where this was going.

The couple then asked what we all felt about being naked in front of other people. Most of the men said it would be a turn on and only a few of the women commented.

The hosts then said that the surprise was that they wanted everyone who was interested in staying to agree to take their clothes off and that the rest of the party would be a nude affair. They also laid down some ground rules. You could touch and feel anyone, as long as they were in agreement and that you could masturbate yourself or each other but that there would be no sexual intercourse between anyone including husband and wife. If you wanted to arrange something with another couple you could do that at another time.

I looked at my wife and said what do you think. She was a little hesitant but agreed to do it. We were in. Everyone agreed except one couple. The husband wanted to but his wife would not go along with it, so they excused themselves and left.

Each couple was asked to find a private place to disrobe and leave our clothing in that place so that we could find our clothes when we were ready to leave. My wife and I found an empty bedroom and took our clothes off. I have to admit that I was just a little nervous. We were to all gather back in the living room when completely naked.

The rest of the night was a wonderful experience. Finally all the couples were back in the living room naked. Some of the husbands started kissing their wives and others sat and talked. Pretty soon things got really hot and heavy. I felt like I should devote my attention to my wife at the start before I showed any interest in any of the other women.

I have to admit that I was relieved to find out that my cock was as large as anyone else there. Most of the cocks appeared to be in the five to seven inch range. All the men were drawn to my wife's lovely tits. She wears a 38DD bra so she no doubt had the largest tits. Some of the women were natural and some were shaved. My wife sported a thick and very hairy pussy.

I have no idea how many times I came that night but it was more than I could possibly have done if it had just been me and my wife together. I think every man there sucked my wife's tits at one time or another.

There was a young blonde woman there that had hands that would work wonders on your cock. She had better jack off skills than anyone I have ever met.

The men had circle jerks while the women watched and cheered us on. We watched as the women spread their legs and fingered their pussies. I found out that every woman has their method of pleasuring themselves.

The party finally ended and my wife and I dressed and left for home. She said she felt like she had had more orgasms that night than she had had in the last several months. She said her nipples were tender and her pussy was sore for the workout it had gotten at the party.

The couple who hosted the party moved not too long after that night and we never got together again with them or anyone else that attended the party. But it was a night to remember.



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