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Masturbation over My 40+ Years

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Memories of masturbation. A brief history of my experiences of masturbation.


Memories of masturbation. A brief history of my experiences of masturbation.

Ages stated are approximate - I am now 45 and recalling exactly when events took place is tricky.

Age 11 - first orgasm. Climbing rope upside down. Did not know what it was.

Age 11- 13 - Found great pleasure in rubbing hard against the bed. Started it to keep warm using friction but after finding it also gave me other nice feelings I did it just for the pleasure. I still did not know what the feeling was or why I got it.

Age 14 - Finally associated the nice feeling with my genitals - I finally had some knowledge about sex. I particularly recall trying my penis and testicles in different positions to get the best feelings (had some unpleasant feelings as well). Now I realised what I was doing and recognised the contractions I wondered why nothing came out. I recall trying to avoid the contractions as I thought they were closing the tubes and stopping the semen coming out (such was the lack of information in those days).

Age 15 - about this time I started to get some emission when I had an orgasm. I still achieved it by rubbing hard against the bed as I had not thought of using my hand. I remember at one time I broke my wrist playing football and had it in plaster but I still managed to pull myself hard against the mattress with it.

Age 16 - friend at school played a joke on me in class asking me to pretend to beat a small dog on my lap - he was in stitches as I had no idea what it looked like to others. He explained in the end that I looked like I was wanking (boy was I innocent). That afternoon when I got home I tried it out rather gingerly - what a revelation. Now I could masturbate anywhere and a lot more easily and I did a lot more of it than before. A little while later the same guy also played the joke of asking me 'You know spunk floats?' curious as to why he asked (even though I had no idea if it did or not) I said 'Yes' to which he replied 'So you do it in the bath then!' - and so I found a new pleasure at bath and shower time.

Age 17 - 25 - masturbated at least once a day. I recall some occasions where I would do it three times in a row when I went to bed. first time lots of semen, second, not so much and third time nothing but a drip. I recall getting spontaneous erections as I walked around school and using my bag to cover up the bulge. In those days I only had to think about having a wank and I have a raging hard on in seconds (these days it takes rather more).

Some odd places I masturbated were:-

* On the way home from seeing a girl I fancied I stopped the car (my mums) in a gateway and had a go.

* I worked in a market collecting all the empty boxes - these created a huge pile in the back and I created a 'den' inside them and once or twice masturbated in it getting a thrill being able to see through the cracks at the people going past while I was jacking off.

* On the way back from the pub one evening I was walking past the school I used to go to - I went into the grounds and round to the area where I used to gawp at the girls I fancied. I managed, with some difficulty, to cum in my hand and I used to 'write' XX 4 YY on the windows - I doubt anyone ever noticed as it would have gone by the morning.

* One time I started a fitness binge and went to the polytechnic gym for a while. Whilst working on my leg muscles (lying flat and face down whilst lifting a weighted bar with my feet) I felt the familiar feeling coming on - no one else was there and I carried on and to my amazement I came in my shorts (I had not cum without using my hands for years so it was a strange and powerful feeling).

* I did it a few times in the toilets at work.

* I've tried it in the sea but apart from being afraid of being seen it was rather too cold to start with so not very successful.

Some other things I have done since:-

* I read in a book that you could have a more powerful orgasm and get a lot more cum if you masturbated almost to the point of no return once an hour for the day. I tried it when I was in digs - I remember my landlady wondering why I kept going up to my room. I also remember that she went to bed about 10:00 and I could not help but get out my penis for another go (about the 12th that day) - well I got close to orgasm and stopped, well I stopped stroking my penis, however, my body had had enough and I recall being amazed that I was being overtaken by this massive feeling that I could not stop and this huge jet of semen shot out of my penis and over my shoulder - the second landed on my chest and the third and fourth on my stomach. I have never cum that hard since - it was amazing.

* Didn't wank for about 10 days to see if I got more out (that was hard) - I got more cum and the strength and feeling (and speed) of the orgasm was amazing.

* Wanked into condoms and then used a syringe to measure how much there was. The most I measured was 9.5ml but generally it varied between 3.5ml and 7ml.

* I've shaved my genitals - quite a few times. Quite a turn on. It's itchy for a few days but if you shave every day the itching stops. I have found it takes about three months from stopping shaving to having a full groin of hair again.

* I've tried a vibrator in my anus - I didn't find it pleasant although I have found a lubricated finger can be pretty nice when doing it in the shower (a little awkward to reach under your balls but it is nice.)



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