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Masturbation on Display

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Exhibition in the home for my older sister to see


I grew up in a small house with my mother and older sister, Cissy as I always called her. Cissy and my bedrooms were on a different wing than Mom's, opposite each other down a short hallway. We shared a bathroom, and the cramped space meant seeing each other a lot at close range over the years. I got plenty of glimpses of Cissy in her bra and panties and occasionally saw more. What a thrill it was for me because Cissy was beautiful and I adored her. I knew the boundaries siblings should keep but I never really hid that I liked seeing her, and she never seemed to think much of it.

As I matured and my sexuality increasingly expressed itself with constant erections and obsession over sex, I developed an exhibitionist tendency on my wing of the house. I fully realized the embarrassment that accompanied full blown indecent exposure, so I had no trouble keeping matters confined to mine and Cissy's small space. But within that perimeter, where our guards were never raised very high, I became fairly bold in allowing myself to be seen naked, excited, and masturbating.

During these years, Cissy always rose before me. She was super quiet in her morning routine, and I figured out that a prime opportunity to expose myself centered on her ability to move about without much noise. As careful as she was to be quiet, I could still hear the shuffling of her feet and sounds of movement between her bedroom and the bath.

My bed was arranged with the head toward the door, up against a small divider that jutted out a couple of feet. The result was that if Cissy was standing in the hallway she could see me virtually full length but would be out of my view unless I turned my head toward the head of the bed. Thus, laying in a natural position, I would not see anyone in the hallway but they could easily look in on me.

I started exposing my morning erections to Cissy by pulling back the cover as if I was too warm, and letting either the form show clearly through my thin pajamas or stick out through the fly. When I first experimented with this I would listen for her to wake up, and as she began the morning routine I would encourage if my penis with a few hard pulls if needed and pull back the covers to expose myself. Mostly I would just let chance determine whether my penis was sticking out from my pajamas or not.

I was quite scared the first time I did it and was never sure if or when she noticed. But as I practiced my timing, I was able to listen to her movements more closely and knew that it was not unusual for her to pause outside my door, in my mind for her to look on. I'm not sure how sexually active she was then, but suspect she was a little shy with the boys and so I'm sure this was the best chance she had to check out the sexual excitement of a boy.

My exhibitionism was accompanied by a lot of rubbing myself against the sheet or with my fingers, and eventually masturbation to orgasm, which I simply didn't know about at first. But once I figured out how to bring the masturbation sessions to resolution, I started fantasizing about ways to expose myself to Cissy while masturbating.

I spent several nights practicing the best position and movements to show off my sexual act, to make it appear I was keeping it private while actually displaying to her my urgent progression toward ejaculation. I came night after night while in the position, messing up the sheets or a towel with my semen. I would fantasize about coming while Cissy looked on, taking note of my impression of my own authenticity, because I never wanted my intent to be obvious. I increasingly became very adept at slipping my penis out to openly masturbate without making noise and appearing to be discreet.

Finally I felt emboldened and horny enough to masturbate in the mornings while Cissy got ready. I began doing it most mornings, at first being a bit too scared to take note of Cissy's movements, but after some experience I got to where I could time it to begin shortly before she got up, with my orgasm soon thereafter. Once I started I was careful to not simply wait for her to be in a position to see me, because I wanted to maintain the appearance that her movement and my act were unrelated. Also I did not do it every morning or at the same time, because it would seem too planned. So, just as I had originally let chance determine if Cissy would see my erection, once I began masturbating I would leave it to chance whether she saw my hand rubbing my penis or the orgasm that followed.

These orgasms were glorious, magnified by the presence of my private audience, even more so by the uncertainty whether she was seeing my act or not. I did it so often that she most certainly saw much of my masturbation and orgasms. She maintained her stealth in the mornings so I reasoned she must like seeing me exposed. I kept this up even as we got older, until she went to college, and even when she was home during break. When I started I thought I was so clever that she would never know my display was intentional, but after a while it was apparent even to me that she must have known my masturbation was for her eyes. But with never a word spoken or indication she was an unwilling viewer, I kept up the show for many years.



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