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Masturbation Moments

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I read your site with delight, enjoying the experiences of those like-minded people who enjoy regular masturbation (whether solo and/or mutual) as a release for their sex drive. Readers contributions arouse me of course and I must thank those who tell of your most exciting moments particularly regarding the 'impromptu' unplanned times you experience obviously deep orgasms, whilst being caught in the act by family or friends.

Some of my most intense masturbatory moments have been in public places. Not that I am so turned-on by being spied upon or being caught, it usually is inspired by the spur of the moment. I am so horny that I just have to masturbate. Then being in a 'semi' public place is an added turn-on. I am so aroused that my build towards huge long orgasms are so deep, and are some of my most mind blowing I have ever had.

I am not gay, I have and do enjoy hetero sex, but the sight of a large erect cock spraying into cum splattering orgasm is a huge turn-on for me. And this has been since one of the most memorable masturbation moments I have ever had.

I was driving home late one night, feeling so horny that I just had to release my hard cock from my pants. I began to lightly stroke my hard cock, thrilling at the slow build towards my orgasm. Eventually my cock was so wet from precum, which aroused me even more. I just had to pull down my trousers and free myself, to be able to massage my cock and balls in order to enjoy my climax more fully.

I struggled to pull down my pants and at last I had them around my ankles (almost), an act that is far from safe, so be warned! It was so thrilling to feel naked whilst driving, supporting a huge wet hard-on. I turned on the dash light in order for me to see my huge cock as I masturbated. Oh what sweet joy to see and to feel my beautiful hard cock and hairy balls. The freedom of sitting naked from the waist down was fantastic and made my cock jolt even harder as I drove. I could not resist I just had to take my cock in hand and slowly I began to masturbate again. Oh sweet jeez, my cockhead was so big I just could not hold back I needed to cum so much. It then struck me that I was about to drive past a big secluded lay-by that was renowned as a pick-up place. The thought of stopping and masturbating in a more relaxed fashion and to see who might be there made me the more aroused. My orgasm was beginning to build and I knew I would explode soon. I just managed to hold back and stop masturbating just before the point of no return. I had to stop so I turned into the lay-by, which was well hidden by trees from the main road.

As it was late there was only one other car parked so I drove to a secluded spot, and with the interior light still on I settled back at last to relax into a slow stroke to my climax. I was so wet that my whole shaft was slick with pre-cum I could slide my fingers sensuously up and down my cock periodically rubbing the sensitive underside of my glans in circular motions to increase my build.

Like many of the men I read of on Solo Touch, stopping just before the point of no return is fantastic. I can only do this up to three times as each time I begin to masturbate again the muscular clenching at the base of my cock behind my balls increases gloriously until its so strong I am unable to hold back any longer. And on this occasion I wanted take my time and enjoy the thrill each time I approached the point of no return thrusting my hard cock high to increase the pleasure even more.

Suddenly I was aware of a movement by the door window and to my shock I realised I was staring at a very erect cock. I guess in retrospect that the guy had been watching my private session for sometime and was apparently aroused enough he too needed to masturbate. I stopped in my tracks. I did not dare to open the window, my initial instinct was to lock the door as I could not see his face as the light from my car shone only enough for me to see his penis. He continued to slowly masturbate and to this day I can recall my utter absorption staring at the thick shaft and his huge wet glans as it kept popping into view as he pulled back his foreskin. I felt so aroused by his penis that although my erection had subsided from the initial shock my penis now began to fill back to hardness again. I began to stroke myself knowing that I would be unable to hold back as my climax started to build so strongly up through my balls. I heard him roaring out his own climax and thrusting his loins forward his cock practically touch the window before he exploded. He must have not had sex for some time because he ejaculated what seemed to me a huge amount in powerful jets onto the window.

When I saw this I could not hold back anymore, the intense pleasure crescendoed and I threw myself into one of the deepest climaxes I have ever had. I thrust my loins high giving him a full view of my jolting penis as stream often stream pumped high in the air. I glanced again out of the window, seeing his cock still erect dripping a string of his seed, my window looking like a flock of geese and been using it as tactical 'bombing' practice. The rivulets of his sperm had long since dripped down the car door leaving telltale stains. He pulled away slightly for me to see his face for the first time, a young looking forty-ish type I guessed, with a broad grin as he signaled his enjoyment of our mutual satisfaction.

Needless to say I myself was a mess. I had to clean myself up as well as the steering column and wheel, the car seat and floor where splattered. My pubic hairs were matted too. By the time I had pulled myself together I saw that my friend had left and I was disappointed not to have been able to have talked to him. Another encounter like that one would have been great. Ah well maybe another day!



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