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Masturbation Memories

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I am 40 years old now and I love to masturbate, I still do it at least once a day sometimes twice a day. I discovered to joys of masturbation when I was around 11 years old but really did not get into it until I was about 13 or 14. I would masturbate during my morning shower before I went to school, then when I got home I would go in my room to do home work and play with myself again. I would also masturbate in bed just before I went to sleep. I did this all the way through my school years. I never talked to any of my friends about masturbating and the subject never came up either. I was out of High School about a year when my best friend out of the blue asks if I masturbated. I of course told him I did and we talked for hours about masturbation and sex. A few weeks later we were coming back from an early movie and the topic of masturbating came up again. He ask me if I have every masturbated with someone else. I told him no I never had, just solo.but I have to admit the idea was interesting. We talked some more about different ways we masturbated but my mind kept going back to the idea of masturbating with someone. My cock was beginning to get hard. It was straining against my pants and becoming rather uncomfortable. We finally got back to his parent's house as I pulled up in the driveway my friend says I see you are turned on by our conversation. I told I was and then he said he was as well. There was a moment of awkward silence then my friend said that his parents were out for the evening and would not be back until late so why don't we go into the house and masturbate together. We did just that.we did not waste time stripping off our pants, it was the first time I have every seen another guys hard cock except in adult movies and photos. My friend's cock was rather large and thick.he must be 7' or 7 1/2' hard where I am about 6', it made me feel a little inferior. But it did not matter I was so horny and I needed to stroke my hardness and stroking is what we did. We sat next to each other on the sofa and slowly stroked our hard cocks. At first I was not paying attention to what my friend was doing, I was just enjoying the sensation of stroking. Then I sensed that my friend was watching me, I look over at him he was not stroking he was just watching me. It was turning me on even more to have someone watching me pleasure myself. I started to stroke my cock faster, he then grab his cock and began to match my rhythm. We watched each other stroke for what seemed to be at least 20 minutes when my friend tensed up and blew a large load of cum all over him. The cum flew from the head of his cock and hit him in the face several times. Watching him shoot really excited me and I was ready to explode. Unlike my friend I am not a shooter, my cum just kind of flows out of my cock like soda does when it overflows out of a glass. My body tensed and I could feel my cock pulsating, as the cum started to flow from my head and down my shaft. A thick river of warm cum flowed over my balls as I continued to pump my cock. When I finally came down from my excitement I saw my best friend smiling at me, we both knew that this was a start of something that would last for a long time. It was the most intense orgasm that I have had to that point.I never knew that masturbating with someone else could be so satisfying.
Needless to say my best friend and I have had a lot more masturbation sessions together over the years (stories for another time). Besides just masturbating ourselves we also have mutually masturbated each other, those were some good times too. I cannot even begin to guess how many loads of cum between the two of us were shot. We are still friends to this day but with marriage, children, work and the distance between us we no longer get together to masturbate. We have on occasions masturbated online via instant messaging. I still think back to those times we shared and it gets me hard. There have been many occasions that I have masturbated over those memories. I sometimes wished we lived closer and our lives were less complicated so we could get together in person and masturbate. He was the only male friend I have every masturbated with, I have on the other hand masturbated with several female friends (they are stories for another time too).



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