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Masturbation Machine

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My best friend Cheryl and I know everything about each other and have been like sisters since third grade. What I'm about to reveal may sound and probably is kinky to most people. It got me involved with Carmen's husband, Ronny. Not that I really have any contact with him sexually, its just that he sees me in the most humiliating situations. Cheryl has got me addicted to the most satisfying method of masturbation that I have ever experienced. She has no problem with Ronny seeing me naked all the time as long as there is no contact between us. The first time was extrememly embarrassing and after almost a year of having him satisfy me I am still embarrassed by him seeing me nude and by my reactions to the pleasures being administered to me.


From the way Cheryl talkes about it her sex life with Ronny must be fantastic. Last year she began telling me how she and Ronny watch porn often and try whatever they see in the film. Ronny is a jack of all trades and she began telling me about a masturbation machine he made for her after seeing one on a porn film. Cheryl showed it to me one day and it was made with a sewing machine motor. There is a long wand on it and at the end it can be altered with several types of dildos. It has different speeds and Cheryl just kept telling me how erotic it is and how it feels like intercourse with a Greek god. For a month or so we talked about it often and finally one night she had me over and I watched Ronnie administer it to her. It was kind of a scary thing but I could clearly see how stimulated Cheryl became almost instantly and how she was totally enjoying it.

It was about three weeks later that I asked Cheryl if she could do it to me. When she said she didn't know how to operate or position it I was dissapointed. The very next day she called and said Ronnie would do it for me if I was willing to be naked in front of him. I see Ronnie and Cheryl almost everyday and the thought of him seeing me naked and using that machine on me was something I had to think long and hard about. They know my boyfriend fairly well and know he would never put up with such a thing. For a month or so Cheryl and Ronnie kept assuring me they would never mention anything about it to anyone, especially my boyfriend. Cheryl kept urging me to try it and told me she didn't care if Ronnie saw me naked. She mentioned many times that he would never actually touch my body and that only the dildo I choose would. Cheryl had me watch her again that week and it is astonishing how turned on it made her. Thats when I decided to let Ronnie do it to me.

Ronnie did turn around while I undressed and Cheryl kept assuring me I would like it. Aside from the machine itself Ronnie also made a make-shift sort of padded low table to lay on. I layed down on it and thats when Ronnie turned towards me and saw me naked for the first time. It was so embarrassing laying there with my legs wide open I almost cried at first. He positioned the machine and I picked the smallest dildo but it was still about 8' long. He put KY on the tip of it and turned the machine on slowly at first it didn't penetrate me fully and each time went deeper into me. It started by going into my vagina once each second almost like a clock. He gradually increased the speed of it and I must admit I was aroused right away.

Cheryl kept telling me to let Ronnie know if I wanted it faster or if I wanted him to slow it down. I found myself holding and squeezing my breasts and before I knew what was happening I became so aroused I was almost screaming with delight. The orgasms just kept coming and I must have looked like a lunatic. I lost all sense of modesty and have never felt anything so stimulating in my entire life. I don't know how many times I orgasmed but finally told Ronnie to stop it. I just layed there for a while exhausted but more sexually satisfied than I could believe. Ronnie just stood looking at me and I was embarrassed all over again and Cheryl told him to leave us alone. After he left the room Cheryl and I talked about it for over an hour. It was fantastic and yet something Cheryl and Ronnie saw in a porn film. Cheryl told me Ronnie would do it again anytime I want and today I am hooked on it.

I go over to there house almost every Thursday night and make a complete fool of myself. By now Cheryl has had me experience it in the same ways she does. As humiliated as I am with Ronnie seeing me naked and witnessing the way I react to it I go back for more every week. Cheryl has had me try all four dildos, two of which are penis shaped. One has ticklers and the other has ridges in it. I've learned the size doesn't really matter and that the most arousing position is when I am on my knees and face down. It's the most humiliating position because I know Ronnie is watching but by now I don't care anymore.

I'm not saying I am not embarrassed any longer because I am. I accept the humiliation because of the most sensual feeling I can imagine. The dildo keeps going in and out of me at speeds sometimes no man could maintain. I orgasm so often I can't explain it. Just watching Ronnie do it to Cheryl turns me on and I get wet just thinking how she feels. She usually goes first but it is still arousing when I watch her. Although Ronnie sees me naked every week now he never says anything to me other than the nights I go there to have him masturbate me with the machine. He knows I am embarrassed about him seeing me naked and in such a sexual frenzy. I suppose he likes doing this to me but we never talk about it all the other times I see him. Cheryl tells me they have sex after I go home. She laughs saying I turn him on but she has no scrupples about him doing this or seeing me naked each week. She says they don't talk about me afterwards but that I don't believe. When I tell her how wonderful it feels she just says I told you so.



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