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Masturbation Lessons

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I was seven to thirteen at the time.


I grew up on a farm. My cousins used to (and still do) visit during the summer. When I was younger, my cousin (who was eight years older than me) used to tickle my 'private parts.' He told me not to tell anyone where he tickled me. Nobody ever found out about it. It felt good, but nothing ever really happened.

When I was about ten, my cousin Jane (twelve) was staying for the summer. One day I found her by the stream completely naked. She was rubbing one of the smooth rocks from the bed of the stream up and down her private area. I hid where she couldn't see me and waited to see what would happen. I don't think she ever had an orgasm, but she kept rubbing everyday.

One day I followed her out there after breakfast and she kept turning round, like she knew I was there. I waited until she had only her shirt off (but her shorts were still on). She didn't have very big boobs yet. I asked her what she was doing. 'I'm playing,' she said, 'leave me alone.' 'Playing what?' 'A game, I'll tell you about it later tonight.' I waited until that night when we were getting ready for bed.

'Tell me about the game.' I said. 'Okay,' She got online and showed me a video of a naked girl rubbing her privates with her finger. 'That's what I was playing, I was rubbing my pussy.' That's the first time I heard the word pussy. That night in bed, I put my hand 'down there' and slid my finger between the slit. Jane and I slept in the same bed. We were naked because it was hot, and I've always felt comfortable naked in front of people. My pussy was a little wet, and I liked the slippery feeling so I kept rubbing. After a while, Jane turned to me and said 'Don't play in front of other people when they're not playing with you.' Jane never 'played the game' with me, but she told me how good it felt on numerous occasions.

When I was thirteen, a new stablehand who was seventeen started working for us. Since he was new, he lived in the barn. The rest of the stablehands lived in cabins closer to the house. One day, I saw a stablehand naked by the stream. I guessed he was skinny-dipping, which wasn't unusual. When he saw me, he turned around. He licked his teeth and rubbed his nipples while staring straight at me. His penis was sticking straight up. I had never seen that before.

I didn't know what to do. I went to the barn. I took my shirt and bra off and looked at my nipples. My boobs were kinda big for an eighth grader (34C). My nipples looked like small pink circles with a small, erect nub protruding from the middle of each of them. I started rubbing like the guy was, just on the erect part. It felt awesome! I started playing with my nipples everyday.

One day, the new stablehand caught me. I was completely naked from my waist up, and my nipples were red and sore from rubbing. He looked at me and said, 'Where did you learn to do that?' 'I saw a stablehand do it. His penis was hard too.' I told him. 'Does it feel good?' 'Yes.' 'Come to the barn later tonight, and I'll show you how to feel even better.' I was excited. We agreed to meet at midnight. He suggested I rub some vaseline on my nipples. I tried it and kept rubbing until midnight.

I ran down to the barn, trying not to get caught. I was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt with no underwear. When I got there, he told me to take my shirt off. I did, and he smiled when he saw I hadn't worn a bra. He gave me some vaseline and told me to start rubbing. He told me to lie on top of a barrel of hay. I was the right height so he could have access to my pussy. While I was rubbing, he lifted my skirt.

'This is called the mons...these are the outer lips...these are the inner lips.' he said, while massaging each thing. It was getting me wet, I could tell. 'This is your clitoris, or clit.' He rubbed it. It was like electricity shot through me. 'Good. You're excited. I'm going to rub it more. Don't be afraid to make a noise.' I immediately started moaning. 'This is the only part of your body with the sole purpose of making you horny and getting you off.'

'It feels SO good!!!' I moaned. He rubbed in circles and then up and down. It felt amazing! I moaned and yelled until my body shook and my mind went blank. 'What was that?' I asked, out of breath. 'An orgasm, you just came. See this? Lick it.' He showed me the clear, gooey love juice on his hand, and I sucked it off his fnger. It makes me horny to lick my own juices. 'Calm down a little, but keep rubbing your nipples.'

After I was back to breathing normally, he said, 'Okay, this is your urethra. Maybe someday you'll learn how to squirt and clear fluid will come out of here when you have an orgasm, but now you only pee out of here...and this is your vagina.' He stuck a finger in and I gasped. 'Don't worry, this is where the tampon goes. I'm going to put another finger up your pussy, relax.' I relaxed and the second finger felt even better! He pulled them in and out of my pussy. It felt good, and I was moaning louder and louder! Finally, I had an orgasm and clear fluid shot out of my urethra.

'Did I pee? I'm sorry.' I said. 'No, that is called female ejaculation. I didn't think it was possible since you're so young, but..' 'Wow, that felt great!! Can you make me cum again tomorrow night?' I asked.

'Sure, it would be my pleasure. But you can do it yourself, too. You can rub your pussy or try spreading your legs under the faucet or shower. You'll probably cum as soon as it hits your clit.' he said. He kissed me and we said goodnight and I went back to my room. I rubbed my pussy in bed and had a few more orgasms that night. We kept playing all summer, and it was the best summer I've ever had. He even showed me how he masturbates. It's one of my recurring fantasies. Now I masturbate everyday!



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