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Masturbation Lesson in Mexico

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Masturbation Lesson in Mexico
Hi, ppl, this is one of the most wonderful page i ever read... or maybe im horny as hell. Its very funny to visit this page everyday and see its growing and growing and growing, and we(all the contributors avoid shyness) Keep going.
Mi story began with a hot weather like now, I was 10 years old and home alone, well my grandma was with me... She was horny too and let me be naked on her room. That for a 10 years old boy was heaven, i knew later that was exhibisionism but what the heck I enjoyed it. Of course, this show became common and regular, but, everyone grows up, and my little dick grew like me. One of those horny days, I discovered that she has been hiding a nude magazine, and that turned me on immediately. The next thing I remember was that a stiff member was present on the room. My grandma tried not to see my penis, but it was obvious. She glanced at me and told me: "Well its seems you have grown up very soon..." "Let me see, ohhhh my, you have a wonderful and stiff cock..." "Why don't you jerk off"
That was a new phrase to me, i haven't heard of yet. I told her, how, how can i do that... Then she nodded to sit close to her, and told me, well it seems is the right time for you to begin, just relax and dont be shy, Im not gonna hurt you. Just relax and open your legs a little bit to let mamma see your dick...
I couldnt believe what I was doing, showing my dick to her. She began to telling me about the age, and differences between women and men, she seemed like enjoying this very much. Slowly, her soft and tender hands caressed my legs, from my knee and going up and up until my stiff fellow. Suddenly I felt the most exciting sensation on my life(by that moment of course) she wrapped my dick with a hand and then with the other. Oh my, I looked at her and told me, just relax honey, let mamma help you with this and began stroking my pole. What a sensation, my body thought it was on nirvana, I felt like floating on heaven, naked and massaged, what else a boy needs... She continued talking about sex, and told me that she learned to jerk off with his husband(my grandfather) but thats other story.
She told me about people offering their body for pleasure(prostitutes) and said that they were a way to free this kinda pleasures...Slowly, but constant strokings to my dick at beginning, after 15 minutes of chatting, she said, time to finish dear...
I couldnt believe what I saw, her head gone the way my stiff pole, she looked at me and smiled, then introduced my whole stick on her warm and tender mouth, I thought I reached her throat...She began an up and down rhythm until my balls began to boil, everything in my body was on extasys...
Obviously, after that moment, my load was shot... I covered her face completely. She just smiled and continued sucking until drying me.
I was lying on my back, completely covered with sweat and heavy breath becoming tranquil... She dried my prick and began cleanning her face, with his tounge. Her hands were softer than at the beginning and waiting for a chance to caress me again, so I have to sacrifice myself for a new jerk off session...
That day I jerked off five times, one after one.My history began there, and we continued jerking off, also she told me how women did and tried on her, but thats another story...
And the other parts of my masturbating story includes my sister... If youre pleased, I could share some other experiences later...
Keep it stroking --Anonymous.



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