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Masturbation is King

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Masturbation is my favorite sexual act. This has been true for half a century, both before and after experiencing a great deal of hot sex with 14 different women since I lost my virginity at age 16, enjoying them alone or in pairs, and also including 25 years of happy marriage. All that was and is great, but to me, Masturbation is king. And of course, over the years, I've beaten off thousands of times and in many different ways, discovering what techniques I liked the best. Let me share my current favorite technique with you, and one oldie but goodie.

First the oldie: A ripe cantaloupe, as has been discussed in other posts, works well. Microwave or bake it at low temp, briefly, just to warm the fruit well. Carve the entrance hole small enough to make a tight fit around your cock. Writing this down has reminded me of the time I was fucking a cantaloupe one summer day, and I noticed through the window that my next door neighbor, a young and very hot lady, had just entered her back yard to sunbathe in a skimpy bikini. At the sight of her, I immediately got even harder and fucked my cantaloupe madly, creating lots of suction on my boner. Every time I pulled out of the cantaloupe, it pulled on my dick and made a very loud nasty slurping, sucking noise. I moved to a different window to get a better look at my nearly-naked neighbor girl. This window was less than 20 feet from her, and peeking through the curtains I could not believe how gorgeous, sexy and arousing she looked, and how turned on I was knowing she was so very close to me and that she had no idea there was a naked admirer practically in the same yard with her, frantically jacking off to her beauty. She lay there, her big tits offered up to the sunshine, relaxing and glistening with lotion. Then, suddenly, she heard me. It took me a second to realize this, as I was lost in the erotic sensations that were suffusing in my body, but my cantaloupe noises were really loud. I instantly stopped jacking. I continued to watch her as she sat up and peered suspiciously toward my house. After a quiet moment, she relaxed again and went back to sunbathing. That's when I adjusted the angle of my cock's penetration into my cantaloupe so the noise was almost non-existent, and went right back to masturbating, watching that hot piece of pussy lay there on her towel, rolling around in the sun, displaying herself, and I imagined I was fucking her for several more minutes until I came , hard but silently, into my super slick and tight cantaloupe.

Now, on to my current favorite technique, the 'porn pad'. First, the porn. I read sex stories and look at videos on the web while I do myself. Here is what I do while watching and reading: The pad in 'porn pad' is a heating pad that is plump, flexible, soft and has a soft plastic surface. You can find these heating pads in any drugstore (they are the kind used for not only heating, but also can be frozen, and then applied to sore limbs, etc.). It's about 12 x 14 inches, and can be wrapped around your cock. It's easily washable. For lube, you can just use your own juices, as I often do, or try 'Udderly Smooth' udder cream, one of my favorites. To summarize, reading and watching porn stories while fucking my pad is great! The pad is so warm and gooey, and you can bunch it around your cock in different ways. Sometimes I beat off like this for several hours at a time, approaching and backing off from cumming many times, until finally I let myself blow, and the result is an extremely intense and pleasurable squirt indeed. Yep, Masturbation is King!



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